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Antechamber ministry: ? of Shou of Kai onlying bold is achieved " young civiliza
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-- trade of industry of Qingdao moxa happy customer League branch of ministry of antechamber of round general branch of restaurant of limited company lilac

Qingdao moxa happy guest is versed in restaurant of limited company lilac established trade 1999, restaurant takes employee rank construction seriously since hold water, from improve a service quality and strengthen the respect proceed with such as professional morality construction, inside strong quality, image is cultivated outside, improve the overall quality of restaurant hard, provide excellent service to the client, obtained the double bumper harvest of economic benefits and social benefit. Average year business income amounts to 15 million yuan, economic benefits is in advanced level in course of study of person of the same trade, was evaluated to be by province tourism bureau 2001 " restaurant of travel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of 2 stars class " , have the honor to win early or late, " Qingdao town safe hotel " , " unit of satisfaction of Qingdao city customer " , " 10 beautiful civilian battalion enterprise " , " culture of all directions area builds advanced unit " wait for multinomial honorary title, early or late 8 member youth obtains area degree advanced individual title.
Activity of young civilization order is one of serious content that the Youth League implements the young civilization project that crosses a century, it is to strengthen young profession morality construction, establish the spirit of Jing Yeai hillock, main carrier that improves quality of young worker team. Ministry of lilac restaurant antechamber serves as restaurant external the window, they " Yang Qingchun sail " , begin actively establish activity of young civilization order, one's job of base oneself upon of antechamber department employee, love hillock respects property, provide excellent service for the guest, won wide recognition. 2002, antechamber ministry by area of all directions of the Youth League appoint review the form that it is an area " young civilization date " . Come a few years, the employee of ministry of lilac restaurant antechamber falls in the support of general manager, learn seriously, improve oneself quality ceaselessly, develop lilac restaurant hard " diligent, essence, strong, solid " spirit of enterprise, those who promoted service quality is comprehensive rise. Carry their steady work, make lilac restaurant is accomplished hard " city of sweet excessive island, affection fastens all directions " .
One, hold to continuous study, improve employee quality
Ministry of lilac restaurant antechamber is the window of restaurant, into the disposition of the guest that live, hobby, custom the habit has each different, accordingly, insist to learn, improve oneself quality ceaselessly, appear particularly important. Antechamber ministry combines restaurant to serve normative demand, regard as professional ethics education long-term, regular job will catch. The first class that new employee grooms is professional ethics education, want to undertake aggrandizement grooms to service program, attitude of attending to guests from appearance appearance, courteous diction, blend in professional ethics education in vocational study. Additional, they strive for the support of restaurant actively still, ordered a variety of the press, magazine, bought all sorts of books related a large number of as processional as brigade course of study, build rose " lilac encloseds ground for growing trees " reading room, provided computer, work for employee " enjoy " , it is employee thereby people accumulated professional knowledge to create good condition ceaselessly, the amateur that abounded them again at the same time lives. Strengthen study ceaselessly, to establish the service of lilac restaurant the brand produced main effect, also improved the integral quality of broad youth employee at the same time.
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