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Exquisite service of Japan
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Start business of big public house comes to Wen Hua a few years, with its " reflect the consideration that gives pair of guest in every possible way everywhere " exquisite service suffers a person to pay close attention to all along. However, what I pass pair of Japan public houses is fine fine make an on-the-spot investigation, the fine Biwenhua that discovers them is fine still, can say to go up truly meticulously.
1, water of the excessive when guest room toilet of Wen Hua used shade of double deck bath to bathe in order to prevent, but when current big and erode directly bath shade, or when bath person touchs hanging screen not carefully, also can pull lining bath curtain go out of the bath outside the crock. Japanese name Gu Wudong urgent restaurant, rope of a nylon was seamed inside carry a margin in bath shade bottom, make bath shade flagging because of accentuation, prevented curtain effectively to swing go out of the bath crock.
2, except above this method avoids the spill outside bathing water outside, they still set the 2nd defense line, have sex in bath crock and ground namely place a not deep open drain is led to fall into water mouth, although bath shade invalidation, the water that spill over also can be discharged in time, what assured toilet ground effectively thereby is dry.
3, guest room curtain two side light leak is constant some thing, a little advanced hotel raises side wall to solve this problem, increased decorate charge. The public house of a Japan that I see, it is to use male and female to stick stick the curtain on two side wall, solved light leak problem already, facilitate again unpick and wash, also saved money. The head of link up with that they still manage in two curtains joint made up lodestone, lodestone of one hook in sucks the curtain was in one case, will medium the problem that cracks light leak also was solved.
4, have in the guest room toilet of Japanese restaurant mostly the water after be being needed bottledly greatly, quinine water and finalize the design water is used freely for the guest.
5, our commonly used cotton autograph both ends is cotton, cotton autograph of Japan is cotton directly, another is ear make <> smooth with a raking, I used the effect very good.
6, the domestic travel market that Japan pays attention to home very much, it is consider of domestic go on a journey everywhere. Go vacationing in travel in the hotel of the area, the sofa of guest room is amphibious, the bed can be made use when need. The guest room of some hotels still has clothes tree of air of type of stainless steel fold, convenient guest air basks in the small-sized clothings such as underwear briefs, sock.
7, the safe in guest room is indispensable, but at the outset when Wen Hua prepares to construct, I cannot be found from beginning to end put the position suitably. Put on ground of a built-in wardrobe or cupboard, the guest should crouch or bend over to be used in the ability on the ground. Fill up a little cupboard like Wen Hua, although use,went to the lavatory, but occupied half niche however. The craftsmanship of design it may be said of safe of guest room of case orchid hotel provides the Li Jia of Japanese Osaka alone, below half of ark of the head of a bed are a drawer, a safe is inside the drawer, the door of safe is opened up, all pushbutton are on the door, the operation is very convenient, to me for this presbyopic guest, it is to feel really special " human nature " .
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