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Ceremony guest ministry serves
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One, should know for what the guest opens door:
The top should be protected to the guest above all when opening door, if the guest is to get on a car to want to wait for a guest,enter a car completely inside, ability closes, the hand that should notice a guest particularly whether go up in the door, whether has not the guest's dress put a car inside; If the guest is to get off, after waiting for a guest to get off, want to see the carry-over that whether there is a settle or live in a strange place on the car, it is by taxi the guest of the car opens taxi small bill.

2, the processing of baggage of the notice of check article, group:
Check article
1, understanding deposit requirement:
(1) bugle call of house of courteous inquiry guest, whether is affirmatory guest inn guest;
(2) if be not inn guest, express regret, explain this service is confined to courteously live inn guest;
(3) live so inn guest, enquire check content category; A. To brittle article, suggest him guest is saved; B. Valuable or explode combustibly, easily, ammo of drugs of chemical caustic, drama, firearms cannot check.
2, conduction formalities:
(1) if the guest needs, need examination article is in good condition yuan of caustic;
(2) introduce to the guest " baggage check is only " on the project that needs to fill in, ask a guest to fill in;
(3) the day number that enquires guest baggage place requires deposit, remind guest baggage check cannot exceed 3 months at most;
(4) be in " baggage check is only " on autograph, tear down the second line of a couplet gives guest, remind a guest to extract baggage by this calorie.
3, deposit guest baggage:
(1) will be deposited a long time or a day short-term outside depositing baggage to stock baggage ark, extract in order to facilitate; The baggage that deposits for a long time stocks baggage ark inside;
(2) if check of a guest is much a baggage, lest the fault is taken,rise repeatedly with baggage rope;
(3) to check brittle article should print a piece " careful put down gently " mark, stick in conspicuous locally;
(4) in " baggage check registration form " go up to record place to put baggage case in detail, indicate the position.
4, extract baggage:
(1) collection guest puts baggage " baggage check is only " , the feature that enquires guest baggage, baggage several;
(2) basis " baggage check is only " search baggage, check " baggage check is only " fluctuation couplet number, baggage number of number, room is uniform;
(3) affirm without by accident hind, get on baggage " baggage check is only " unship, send baggage downstage;
(4) ask baggage of visitor sort and count face to face several, in " baggage check registration form " go up to cancel baggage and sign, will " baggage check is only " unified file;
(5) be like a guest " baggage check is only " missing, after checking guest status, ask a guest to draw up " baggage already was taken " proof, just can get;
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