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Antechamber ministry serves the enlightenment of case
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Our service quality often is to pass the process that welcomes a visitor to just be shown. Controlled at 6 o'clock afternoon one of these day, total stage came 3 guests, when the guest puts forward to want special offer house, dest clerk tells a visitor very courteously " I am sorry, gentleman, this kind of room already sold out, is the room that you see other OK? " the word did not say, the guest is grouchy " how can be done not have, you cheat me " , at this moment dest clerk explains patiently to the guest: "Gentleman, we amount of this kind of room is finite, just roll out ten rooms to sell as special offer everyday, today is on the weekend, the guest that wants this kind of house is more, arrived commonly this moment already sold out afternoon, if you call to be booked with us ahead of schedule, we can help you stay, nevertheless, you I can press this house price the privilege of honoured guest is hit to you fold, how do you look? " the guest is a little hesitant, but additionally two companions are already impatient ground say: "Do not live here, go to × × guesthouse, have for certain over there " , nevertheless this guest appears to to a word of dest clerk mug-up is moved, say to his companion: "God-given young lady is recieved so enthusiasticly, live here calculated, nevertheless, say honest, I am the mainest still is to feel phone of your hotel guest room is particularly quiet, without the telephone call that be hit in disorder or harasses. " listen to a guest so say, my suddenly be enlightened, it is downstage dest clerk left a visitor not merely so, the service that still has switchboard operator left good impression to the guest. Really, guesthouse switchboard operator besides had done daily wiring to work seriously, made great efforts on control of guest room phone, put an end to the sort of faze person clear dream completely harass a telephone call, their job also got the guest affirms. After the guest does stop add, acclaim for excellent service of the operator of my from the bottom of one's heart. This case also explains from another flank our service quality and guesthouse figure are an integrated whole, accident or neglect appear on any link, manage what affect guesthouse directly the effect, this is about to beg us every post wants with excellent job direct or provide excellent service to the guest secondhand.

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