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The service is in " 3 change " in promotion
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Human nature changes a service
Human nature of Zhen Linbin house changes the service is be obvious to all, win universal praise, it not only reflect the considerate service in the clerk to go up, also reflect the human nature in hotel facilities to change transform on.
"Guest is consummate, service the first " tenet and " everything for the client " service consciousness already was in every employee heart plunge into deeply played a root. Thunderstorm day, the member that ensure public security can maintain an umbrella in time to receive you get off send old hall all the time; Move of Men Zhuangwei laugh greets you into the door, and the baggage you is accurate without by accident send guest room. Send his respects to kindly in succession, a piece of Zhang Tian's beautiful smiling face, make your journey overworked is met clear off. Come to dining-room, you not only have dinner of heart of the easy in can serving normatively, when can be being enjoyed more, the clerk lights cigarette can in time, actively for you; The clerk when you need to take a seat can pull chair to manage for you the service that an individuation that wait a moment, affection changes.
The color separation tooth that guest room deploys is provided, slipper lets a person be like the home like comfortable, kind; The bed with color warmth, neat and lively, beautiful stripe builds cloth, it is the new-style bedspread that Zhen Linbin house takes the lead in using, its slam the door Yong is thick, the traditional bedspread that cleans inconvenience, made sure one guest is changed, lay card of a piece of sweet clew, invite a guest times feeling is kind, wholesome; Guest room chest pulls the collision sound hard to avoid that close to be able to disturb adjoining guest, a mild package is included in chest wall, noise interference was eliminated, guest cock thumb; To satisfy the guest's requirement, the horizontal bath jar that guesthouse uses partial guest room formerly dismantles, transform mix to secure portable changes in temperature double drench the screen of shower of luxurious toughened glass of shower nozzle; Strong and handsome become fashion, a chic makeup matchs in toilet lens and a cabinet healthy level, contented guest loves beautiful psychological demand; To promote a class quality of guest room sanitation again, guesthouse configured advanced ultraviolet ray to disinfect appearance every months to undertake to guest room ultraviolet ray is disinfected regularly, build a pure and fresh, easy accommodation environment to guest. To sending washed guest the clothing, still installed appropriative ultraviolet ray between disinfection, seal the guest garment after abluent disinfection with sealing machine good bag mouth, zhang Wenxin is added to explain card just gives a visitor again after loading pocket of dry detergent washing.
Disappear is washed in meal in, guesthouse investment purchased whole town's at present only tableware disinfection chance many yuan 20, undertake to the tableware such as all bowls, dish, cup high temperature high pressure is disinfected, assure the wholesome quality of tableware, make the guest eats so that be at ease, Shu Xin. Guesthouse function of each wholesome establishment is all ready, normative, became a municipality 2004 first food sanitation is supervised quantify manage by different levels class A unit.
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