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Know a public house wash dress Wu
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Tom: What Are Your Rates Of Laundry Service?
Attendant (A) : There ' S A Rate Chart In Your Folder In The Dresser Drawer, sir.
Tom: I See... Well, would You Please Send Someone To Room 528 To Pick Up Some Laundry For Me?
Attendant (A) : Yes, sir. I ' Ll Send Someone Immediately.
Tom: I ' D Like To Have These Clothes Washed.
Attendant (B) : Could You Please Fill Out The Laundry Form? Tom: OK. By The Way, I ' Silk Shirt To Be Handwashed of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of D Like My. Please Use Cold Water, then It Doesn ' T Shrink.
Attendant (B) : By Hand In Cold Water. I See.
Tom: I Need Them To Be Washed Right Away. Can You Have Them Finished By Tomorrow Morning?
Attendant (B) : Sorry, it Won ' T Be Possible. It ' S Already 10 O ' Clock. I ' M Afraid It ' For Today of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of S Too Late ' S Laundry. Tomorrow Afternoon Is The Soonest.
Tom: Oh, no! I Have A Date At 11:00 Tomorrow.
Attendant (B) : We Have A Special Three-hour Service. We Will Deliver It Within 3 Hours, is 35% Extra Charge of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of But It.
Tom: I Guess That Will Have To Do.

Tom: How to wash dress Wu to collect fees?
Clerk (armour) : There is tariff in your dresser drawer, gentleman.
Tom: I knew. Does the person that ask a group come 528 rooms? I have the dress to want to wash.
Clerk (armour) : Good, gentleman. I send a person instantly. ...
Tom: I want to wash these dresses.
Clerk (second) : Fill this piece to wash garment watch please?
Tom: Good. I hope my silk shirt is washed with the hand. Use cold water please. In that way it won't shrink.
Clerk (second) : The hand is washed, with cold water. I am clear.
Tom: I need to be washed quickly come out. Tomorrow morning how?
Clerk (second) : I am sorry, this is impossible. Now already at 10 o'clock. Be afraid cannot catch today's washing time. Also get the most quickly tomorrow afternoon.
Tom: My day! I will have a date at 11 o'clock tomorrow.
Clerk (second) : We have 3 hours special service. Inside 3 hours we can send the clothing that has washed to you, should add nevertheless collect the fee of 35% . [Page]
Tom: Be like without what other also tweak.

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