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The hotel is downstage and commonly used English
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One. Overview

The English that uses in the hotel is conversational, basically be to belong to commercial English, the English that uses with the place in daily life conversation differs somewhat, pay attention to ceremony relatively. Formal English can let person misunderstanding be extremely abstruse English normally, actually, want apply mechanically only the sentence of definite pattern and word, OK. For example:

Informal English is formal English
What ' S Your Name? May I Have Your Name?

Your surname? Excuse me your surname name?
Do You Want Some Tea? Could You Like Some Tea?

Should you drink tea? Do excuse me you want to drink tea?
Over Here, please. Could You Come This Way Please?

Ask here. Ask you to go to here go?
* does not say OK, sure, yeah is waited a moment, and should say Certainly, sir.
* Hey, uh-huh, hang On is waited a moment, also do not suit to be used in the hotel.
* nevers mention it " I Don ' T Know. " answer " do not know " it is special clodhopping view.

Can say " Just A Moment, please. I ' Ll Check That For You. " (await a bit please, I will help you affirm) , ask capable handler to come round to assist next.

* is right male guest, the address sb respectfully when address sb respectfully confronts female visitor for Sir; is Ms.

When accost guest, had better say " Excuse Me, sir(Ms) " , do not want straightforward style Mr. Or Ms. As to appellation child, can use Excuse Me directly, but Boy of not OK and straightforward style or Girl.

* faces up to the eye of the other side, in order to show your confidence and good faith. But must notice, watch the eye of the other side, not be unjustifiable staring at the other side to look.

When the foreign nationality personage that * is illogical in face antonym character, must add more use gesticulation and limbs language. But special caution wants when use gesticulation, because of to different country, nation character, the meaning of gesticulation is very different also.

2. Entertain a guest basically English

(one) in official English show, fundamental sentence pattern can divide doubt for following 4 kinds:

1.May I ~

2.Could You ~

3.Would You ~

4.Shall I ~ ?

Want to understand these 4 kinds of fundamental sentence pattern only, can treat the condition on major business.

1. When oneself should do what thing, use May I ~

May I Have Your Name, please?
Excuse me honour surname name

May I Have Your Check-out Time, please?
Excuse me you when does checkout leave?

May I See Your Passport, please?
Is the passport that lets me see you please good? [Page]

May I Know Your Nationality, please?
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