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Enthusiastic and excessive let a client suffer interference instead
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Serve excessive enthusiasm " have dinner suffers from brigade "

A day at the beginning of May midday, li Jiang accompanies a foreign guest to come to some hotel. They sought a quieter seat, just entered, an air hostess serves enthusiasticly for them.

Dish just was nodded, the clerk begins to spread the napkin, dish that place a bowl, goblet, give them pour full boiled water next, give on wet towel. Look at before the clerk is busy busy hind, li Jiang fails to say a word with foreign guest.

Become a big " a thick soup of west lake beef " after end comes up, she signed up for Shang Ming for two people first, contain boiling water for them then, filled a bowl another bowl. At the beginning, foreign guest thinks this is the rule that eats Chinese food, but tell him when Li Jiang have dinner is followed after the guest is freewill, just when the clerk should fill the 3rd bowl of Shang Shi for him,was declined by foreign guest.

This air hostess smiles all over the face, nimble, momently also not at a loose end: The immediateness after serving signs up dish, see guest cup became empty buy tea pour wine immediately, see the spur skin carapace in dish became much immediately is changed, after seeing wet towel has been used, change instantly new, see the rice in the bowl was done not have put on rapidly... her station is busy by two people on busy below, enquire with ground of 9 English courtesy they still have from time to time why to need. This makes Li Jiang a little grouchy, consider a few consultative on table issues originally also by the clerk " enthusiastic service " threw into confusion.  

Ate a little while, foreign guest puts down knife and fork, take out an incense smoke from dress pocket, take out to take go up in the hand, show pair of helpless Li Jiang to say slightly: "The service here is too enthusiastic really, let a person feel to have a place... " what this air hostess appears and can not be aware of foreign guest is vinegary, she sees there is incense smoke in foreign guest hand, busy ran to information desk to take a lighter, go say in front of foreign guest: "Gentleman, ask you to smoke. " saying, hit adroitly catch fire, light cigarette for him.  

" ... good! Be good! Be good! " foreign guest is busy hold cigarette in the mouth to greet bit of smoke, appearance is a little helpless.

The clip in Li Jiang and foreign guest bowl gives food with fair chopsticks again after the clerk lighted cigarette to foreign guest. Foreign guest sees state, busy extinguish cigarette, with hand stanch she says: "Thank, still let myself come. " hear this word, she says however: "Need not polite, we should do this. " saying to be gone to dish of the clip in his bowl. Li Jiang and foreign guest photograph are inspected, laughing to shake one's head. Press in the internal heat in Li Jiang heart, do not know how to should be conveyed.

See the clerk is honest too enthusiastic, foreign guest has bit of choking. Li Jiang is obliged to say to foreign guest: "We still eat at once, the service here is gotten enthusiasticly a bit excessive, let a person be overcome. " hear this word, foreign guest says gladly: "Good! "Good!!
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