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How to make guest room service better
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What make the same score as the rapid development of socioeconomy and flowing water of person the people's livelihood is ceaseless rise, the demand that consumer serves to the hotel is higher and higher also. The people that the client resembles going no longer in that way, want the place that a block wind takes shelter from rain only, a piece of bed that can sleep was satisfied, they hope to have neat room clean not only, luxurious and easy bed will sleep, they hope to be able to get first-class service here more.
How does ability do guest room work weller? If say guest room clerk just has spread a piece of bed, clean and clean a room calculates come to an end, that is far insufficient, besides, we promote guest room service standard hard even, improvement and the quality that the client contacts try hard in serving a process, pass at ordinary times the communication of observation and guest, memorize the guest's habits and customs and requirement, gift is nicer serve for the guest. When the guest comes to guest room, we should welcome the guest's arrival not only, carry baggage even actively for the guest, side guest opens the door, enter guest room to want to be facilities of guest introduction facilities, we are done so not only went to the lavatory the guest's board and lodging, also promoted the goods of the hotel at the same time; Clear when the guest's room, incidentally the shoe of wipe up guest, fold hospitable person to be put in the dress of the room; When middle shift opens nocturnal bed, some guests like the light to shine, we need not be put out or involve the lamp between darkroom; Before fruit guest 9 days need to add ice in a certain time, then we can be in the following time hit good ice to the guest before he did not raise a requirement; When we already knew this room is foreign guest, when we open nocturnal bed to put eat shop sign, can get on English look out, and need not attend Chinese day by the regulation; Often should live when the guest is entered, the frequenter habits and customs that we can have mastered according to us reachs a requirement, prepare their room before the guest is entered, like hotel frequenter Mr Huang is entered, come to a room lie toward the bed, the pillow is not tall not short just be the height that oneself like, lift a pillow to look, a bath towel that has folded was put below the pillow, mr Huang special questioningly, he has called a clerk to ask: "Clerk, it is who let you put towel below my pillow. " the clerk answers: "Mr Huang, clearing before us when your room, discovery put a bath towel below your pillow, so today we first put away, are you excuse me satisfactory still? " Mr Huang thanks even track: "Too thank you, you are really attentive, I feel to fill up two pillows too tall, a pillow short, add a bath towel to be below the pillow just, very comfortable. " fizzle out up to now the frequenter that the gentleman still is our hotel, and such example lifts similar yellow gentleman deeply. The clerk is in service process, pass the communication with the guest and ceaseless attentive observation, master the requirement of be fond of that gathers a guest, seasonable feedback gives a department, build guest archives collection, make all guest room employee ripe know the guest's demand, make the service more meticulous, let a guest feel " " warm.
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