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IP communication leads Aerkate hotel science and technology change
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Of short duration has gone continuously as domestic economic situation without brief introduction, travel can exhibit course of study to develop flourishingly in recent years, domestic hotel industry enters god-given development fastigium. Especially 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai world rich was met 2010 the positive effect that waits for a lot of force to interweave, evolving Chinese hotel industry bethel of a pan.

2006 the management of hotel industry, continue to present the state of overall growth, guest room rents rate and house price rise at the same time, the investment of hotel of fast star class is increasing increasingly, and enter outback town ceaselessly. Predict travel industry income will be 853.2 billion yuan 2006, grow 17.17% compared to the same period. International hotel group appears many brand, the acceleration of much area develops hasten, if block Er dark, elegant advanced and luxurious hotel,continue to expand in the investment of countrywide limits. Civilian battalion invests Chinese mainland the trend that the group appears to develop to city of a gleam of from second line city, medium-sized hotel investment warms up. Economy hotel appears upgrade turn the development tide with diversity, class is pulled open gradually and appear personalized feature, well-known trademark grabs the foreign capital of numerous economy hotel in succession beach China market. Hotel estate market, will in supply and demand two respects will produce bigger change, between change of new structure of round of market, every hotel is facing good luck and challenge. Face resource to share however, what the market shares is brand-new environment, the management of Chinese hotel convention and the service amount that whether enough answer up serve to increase, business affairs lives of the guest exacting and the competitor's challenge? As economic chain hotel update ceaselessly, compete also subsequently intense of Yu Yan Yu, traditional hotel needs newest communication technology, those who will support its to grow increasingly is all-around service.

No matter be hotel of fast star class, still be economy hotel, need what the powerful, stable, communication solution that faces the near future will support professional work to grow continuously. Regard enterprise IP as the pioneer of communication, aerkate in April 2006, 5 ground wait in Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Qingdao and Shanghai, roll out ceremoniously with " my IP, my hotel " for the Aerkate of the name make one's rounds of hotel communication solution is exhibited. Exhibit in make one's rounds in, the personage inside numerous technologist and hotel industry in all aid, around with " Aerkate IP corresponds, lead hotel science and technology to change " the spot conference that gives priority to a problem is interactive. Discuss how to use shirt-sleeve IP communication to come true together: To inner tube manage and the real time that serve external interact; Use communication to create the economic benefits of brilliant, new technology brings the innovation of operation to change.
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