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System of sunshine video information, system of VOD of the hotel that inspect wr
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Of short duration without brief introductionOverview:

Chinese hotel industry grows in recent years swift and violent, build reach transform hotel amount year after year to increase, up to by 2001, hotel of countrywide concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals already exceeded 13000, guest room gross amounts to 1 million; The increase rate 2000 is as high as 10.20% . Forecast by 2004, accommodation establishment can achieve 310 thousand, hotel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals can exceed 25000. But, average per capita is achieved closed 2001 to appear however - the growth of 5.34% , so, hotel amount is increasing in great quantities, and income appeared to enjoy growth even truly, natural, cause the competition inside hotel industry more and more intense also, accordingly, urgent need improves hotel industry human nature is changed, the system of personalized service ability and product, in order to enhance competition ability, improve beneficial result.

Join WTO, Shanghai to undertake as China at the same time meeting, Beijing holds world gain 2008 the occurrence of these great opportunity such as the Olympic Games, stem from the consideration of national figure and the requirement that conform with international, requirement hotel innovates in the service and also have on service ability rise substantially, the add lustre to that it is a country answers the competition that comes from foreign person of the same trade at the same time, implementation can develop continuously.

Below this kind of setting, national travel was in charge of a branch to also replace relative standard, the standards of grading of hotel of class of 2003 edition star with national tourism newest bureau, requirement 4, hotel of 5 stars class must provide online function of guest room broadband. In watch of hotel facilities assess, on the base that serves place 8 minutes when occupy in former communication, new increased IT and communication 48 minutes, achieve 56 minutes, 9% what take total fraction 630 minutes, the item that involves includes Internet to be received, construction of VOD order programme, network.

Get used to the requirement of new condition, current, more and more domestic public houses forward " hotel E is changed " (digitlization, intelligence is changed, informatization) directional stride; The aspect is built in network, the hotel number that already was finished or plans to finish integrated wiring project to transform is added gradually much, the integrated wiring that builds a public house already made necessary construction item, on this foundation, beijing inspected limited company of writing science and technology to roll out what can satisfy user requirement truly " system of sunshine video information " .

"System of sunshine video information " the mainest function of implementation is service of news of multimedia of video order programme, hotel, these two functions are the hotel increases service characteristic, promotion to serve a level, increase figure class, in order to draw the passenger source, the most significant step that rises to lead, of business begin still bring direct economic benefits for the hotel at the same time; Can say, "System of sunshine video information " it is the optimal choice that hotel informatization transforms.
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