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Solution: Artful cloth of hall of small-sized and recreational coffee is wireles
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Of short duration without brief introduction

What as people daily life and job and Internet concern is increasingly close, more and more recreational places -- coffee hall, bar, bathing place -- begin to provide online service, let a client can be in this more carefree ground the job, more to one's heart's content recreation. But because these lying fallow,real environment of the place asks, need close down loaded down with trivial details of wired network wiring, probably to be decorated afresh, project cost is too high, and choose wireless network to go to the lavatory very easily. Here we recommend use TP-LINK region to exhibit ™& fast exhibit™Wireless series product comes compose builds wireless network.

It is with coffee hall below exemple, the introduction does not have group net plan:

Coffee hall serves as high-grade recreational place, stability of offerred requirement of wireless online requirement, high speed. TP-LINK region exhibits ™& fast exhibit product of ™ wireless series, offer highest the wireless transmission rate that can amount to 108M, and indoor and farthermost 200 meters, outdoor farthermost 830 meters transmission is apart from (because of the environment different) , assure to be inside whole coffee hall and the outdoor part outside coffee hall can realize stable high-speed wireless get online.

This plan uses means of a wireless broadband by implement TL-WR640G/641G/642G is placed inside coffee hall, the client needs to insert wireless jotter on his jotter only net of wireless perhaps USB blocks net card TL-WN610G TL-WN620G (compositive fast exhibit ™ technology) can receive stable, high-speed wireless network, enjoying the coffee with sweet alcohol at the same time, get online at the same time surf!

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