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International standard is high-powered shed media solution
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The 3 nets confluence that of short duration does not have network of brief introduction Internet, communication and cable television network has made global trend, internet falls to taking times push forward in Xiang Kuan in the competition of business of each broadband operation. The competition of broadband network is final at the same time the competition that will be broadband application, be born from this be based on broadband network shed media technology to getting increasingly the attention of people. It promoted the innovation of Internet whole framework, transformed the content with traditional inflexible Internet behaves a form, gift the broadband uses more amusement and interactive sex, be sure to make the mainstream technology of prospective broadband network. Business of corresponding each big broadband operation, telegraphic operation business is searching the broadband of a feasible diversification to shed media to run way, in making the broadband sheds media application to serve to blend in the life of final user truly. At that time although be based on MPEG - 1, MPEG - 2, all sorts of WMT, QUICKTIME product development that sort media technology are very rapid, but suffer bandwidth finally to take up rate is old, transmission process is complex, receive terminal trouble to wait an influence a moment, make shed media application service to cannot get gain ground, be based on MPEG at that time, of 4 technologies shed media to transmit platform, what body reveals is low what code shedding, low defer, Gao Hua pledges is special name a person for a particular job can get used to existing network environment more, promote the confluence of 3 nets truly, make shed media application to blend in in the daily life of people.

Familiar video compresses technical friends to know MPEG-4, home has fried it quite hotly now. Manufacturer of a few home rolled out his MPEG-4 product even. But also a lot of people had heard of ISMA and H.264 standard, allegedly they also are MPEG-4. The software that still having some of person at the same time is the WMV that using Microsoft codes the technology will realize similar MPEG-4 function. We talk about MPEG first here, 4, ISMA, with the relation between H.264. Well-known, MPEG is a drafting group of standard that place of ISO of international Organization for Standardization belongs to, english original intention is group of dynamic image expert (Motion Picture Expert Group) . The MPEG-1 that this organization makes and standard of MPEG-2 video encode are the VCD that we are familiar with and DVD, but MPEG, 1/2 is mixed in the occupied bandwidth when transmit and storing storage space is large, this gains ground with respect to the application that affected network video greatly. People needs method of a kind of encode pressingly, can ensure namely picture quality can utmost ground sheds the code after compressing fall lowest. MPEG-4 puts forward below such setting namely. The original intention of MPEG-4 is the image of DVD quality the code sheds from every second 6 million lower 1.5 sign, the code of will high-definition TV flows from every second a few lower 6-8 sign. Want to realize such encode to reduce a level, be about to be used to a kind to call AVC (Advanced Video CODEC) technology. International report couplet (ITU) name this technology for H.264 standard, the 10th order that MPEG puts this technology in MPEG-4 standard (Part 10) . This is the relation of MPEG-4 and H.264.
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