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Sunshine is full automatic system of calorie of song of the dot that pull OK
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Of short duration does not have system of KTV 3.0 of whole computer of brief introduction sunshine (system of odd screen much interface) with system of KTV4.0 of sunshine whole computer (much interface system) it is safer, steadier demand is based on on 2 version foundation, development is finished and already was used by make choice of of many public place of entertainment, dependability tall, security is good full automatic system of calorie of song of the dot that pull OK. Complete set system is managed automatically by network connective computer, need not dish machine also need not personnel operation, rose to manage efficiency greatly. This system solved computer KTV to select a few decisive issues of song system thoroughly, the problem such as the control that the bottleneck that transmits like data, safe backup, data sheds.

Systematic fundamental: The music that plays all card OK song and image picture course are special compress changeover to become MPEG-1(VCD) , MPEG-2(DVD) and MPEG- 4 (copy DVD) the file that waits for computer format, it is these filestore in song disk library, the guest is after song of room computer order programme, song file infects room computer quickly through reticle and by computer changeover is normal video and frequency signal, send TV and card to pull OK to mix phonic meritorious service to put. Because use digital means, the place is inspected, frequency is deferent in won't have any lack fidelity, attenuation and interference. The meeting when adopting plan of much server security makes a system safer, more reliable!

Introduction of construction of system reachs a characteristic

Video server

It is the core of whole system, be in charge of accepting each room computer to request signal, attemper song file, send them the room that has demand. Video server is IDE of the buy inside the computer of a high reliability, tall stability or SCSI hard disk, server of every IDE hard disk is supportable 20 rooms, server of hard disk of only station SCSI is highest supportable 40 rooms are used jointly, to the room of different amount, can use much stage IDE or SCSI server to undertake assorted.

Order song computer

The computer that nod a song is the PC computer of long-term steady work, the software that nod a song and DVD answer the configuration that put card to be on computer of song of the dot that include a house, the user undertakes through it all sorts of song, inquiry are operated nodding. The user is OK and optional remote controller, mouse, small keyboard, Control Panel undertakes dibble seeding. Suggest every computer that nod a song uses old hard disk, a certain number of different song are set in every hard disk, the system can make its 4-5 serve a system to form a jury to nod a song one group, can contain many 1000 song.

In quits network plan, the computer that nod a song is embedded old hard disk, lade after song, can omit server.
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