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VIEWGOOD distant in relief iron knows solution of company VOD project
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction one, market demand setting

Chinese iron opens distant in relief branch all the time since, hold to from beginning to end " improve service quality hard, provide high-class service, top-ranking technology, top-ranking management for the user " as spirit of enterprise. Recently, serve level and technical administrative levels to raise the whole of the company better, the company decides to develop VOD project. The course is layer upon layer choose, iron connects distant in relief branch to decide with VIEWGOOD collaboration completes this VOD project finally.

Tell the relevant plan of distant in relief branch according to iron, the video order programme that this company needs to have the media video that provides large intercurrent amount for broadband user to serve ability (VOD) system. Specific requirement is as follows:

1, this VOD system can realize content to distribute, capacity enlarge, load is balanced wait for a function.

2, at the same time this period platform still must have good capacity patulous ability, satisfy what may appear in the future thereby taller intercurrent spread demand.

3, platform of this shedding media still needs to include self-help of information of user attestation, user to upload function of service, system government, program management, remotely, the module such as copyright of function of monitoring of configuration of inquiry of administration of program examine and verify, plan expenses, statistic, manager management, system, system, number, covered video order programme the function of each respects.

4, this system can be flowing upgrade to the functional an organic whole such as broadcast of video of video living broadcast, IPTV, number shed media platform.

2, demand analysis

Open the system of video order programme of distant in relief branch with Yutie, the is based on wide area newwork VOD that is a model is big concurrent applying. Soft hardware asks, be in a source data quantity is big, intercurrent below user quantity major premise, the system asks to answer speed fast, moving stability, data is safe, consider future visits the inevitable demand that portfolio can increase quickly inside period of time at the same time, what beg systematic platform even is online the advanced sex with can expand ability is had on implementation of strong, technology certain.

VIEWGOOD considers the experience that order programme of VOD of wide area newwork uses integratedly, combine iron to open distant in relief branch the business of present time visits a quantity, the foundation that communicates deep is connected to go up in as in relief as distant iron, body of flux of the Yangtie that it is distant is custom-built solution of order programme of a VOD.

3, solution

The system of WebVOD video order programme that VIEWGOOD develops development independently is a function system of powerful multimedia video order programme. Whole system is based on B/S framework, the VConnect that uses VIEWGOOD own intellectual property serves a kernel, divide supportive MPEG-1 (Mpg, Dat, Mp3) , MPEG-4 (Avi, Asf, Wmv) , REAL (Rm, Rmvb) , outside the numerous mainstream media such as REAL10, still support random to procrastinate drag, answer time level short. Use standard HTTP agreement, comprehensive implementation gets stuck to much net, cross a net paragraph, cross a path by, the support that crosses firewall. Apply extensively at government, enterprise or business the interior of the unit grooms, multimedia demonstrates, news is released, groom the multimedia education of the school, remotely, management of multimedia archives data, the appreciation business of the operation class such as telegraphic, wide report, the recreational program order programme of intelligent village.
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