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Shandong carries on his shoulder or back lustre big 1000 networks shed solution
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction one, plan setting

Come nearly two years, shed the instant sex with media VOD outstanding project and good alternant sex, make this one technology receives rapid application on the network, more and more network operation business begin to try to contact technology of this network multimedia. Recently, shandong carries on his shoulder or back lustre big 1000 networks also built relevant project, the course is careful consideration, careful choose, they chose VIEWGOOD to help them build this project.

VIEWGOOD is aimed at big the requirement that 1000 networks raise, had serious analysis and research, and be big 1000 networks quantity had something made to order personally a complete solution, offerred VIEWGOOD to develop the WebVOD system of development independently.

2, plan brief introduction

One of flagship products below VIEWGOOD company division, system of WebVOD video order programme is a function system of powerful multimedia video order programme. Whole system is based on B/S framework, the VConnect that uses VIEWGOOD own intellectual property, NoDelay serves a kernel, the numerous mainstream media such as supportive MPEG-1(mpg, Dat, Mp3) , MPEG-4(avi, Asf, Wmv) , REAL(rm, Rmvb) , REAL10. Use the technology of NoDelay crucial amortize of own intellectual property, high speed retrieval, purpose of red-letter day of supportive random pattern procrastinates drag, procrastinate when dragging, delay extremely short. The client when the user requests to shed media service to undertake program order programme carries real time decipher, basic need not cache, the server is answered immediately, when the user feels less than allowing that why to delay almost. Plus stand-alone 1000 intercurrent, function is powerful.

3, plan framework


4, advantage of system of WebVOD video order programme

Supportive stand-alone is intercurrent 1000, but flowing enlarge look comes 1000000 load of 10000 ~ are high intercurrent, use door at the same time dibble seeding freelies easily;

Use video to shed a technology, make be broadcasted by the side of the download side the user, from go up at all eliminate VOD file to transmit " bottleneck " ;

Use general hardware device, investment is little, systematic construction is simple;

Support distributed construction, management of server region group and dynamic load balance a function;

Systematic design accords with international standard completely, those who follow standard of HTTP agreement international sort an agreement;

Systematic design uses program distributinging memory and multistage memory, the program that intelligence turns distributes strategy, have very high utilization rate to network bandwidth resource;
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