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Solution of system of order programme of 21AT VOD video
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Of short duration does not have system of order programme of video of brief introduction 21AT VOD is one is a kernel with server of order programme of 21AT VOD video, serve as transmission medium with network of high speed aether or broadband wide area newwork, market is special soft, hardware serves platform at the stability of an organic whole, efficient, video order programme that safeguards easily.

Basic function:

Dibble seeding: Media management, user management, plan expenses administration, online monitoring, information inquires;

Group sow: Government of service of direct seeding of programming, channel management, program management, what is actually happening, content, video downloads control;  

Appreciation serves: System of management of ad administration, forms for reporting statistics, programming.

Compose proposes complete solution:

The video management platform with all ready video service platform, perfect function, powerful 2 development interface


Lead a technology tide:

Amortize of multi-line Cheng, memory, cent dish control of memory, dynamic laden and balanced, active bandwidth

Use range:

Electronic government affairs

Village / network multimedia content serves

Enterprise interior grooms

Hotel recreation

Long-range education

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