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The service directs management upgrades - autograph of big public house of Henan
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction recently, autograph of big public house of Zhu Lin of city of state of Henan province the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty makes an appointment with Tsinghua to be the same as square, use its EzHMS2.0 hotel to run software to the management inside the hotel the system undertakes upgrading. The administrative system after upgrading can is opposite the hotel is departmental of the door run condition and flow to undertake real time supervise and attemper, help hotel implementation manages optimization, promotion hotel serves class.

Bamboo forest big public house is located in city of state of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty flourishing bank river highway, it is market guest room, meal, recreation, conference and travel the modern hotel that is an organic whole. "Now, the client chooses the construction situation that infrastructure values already when the hotel, also value hotel informatization to serve a state more. " hotel leaf always says, "We always are gone after ' guest service is oriented ' , after this hotel management system upgrades, not only can provide services of all sorts of multimedia business affairs for the guest, still can raise a guest to enter the service level of hotel of the efficiency that register and withdraws room close an account, promotion at the same time, produce the expected result of human body inviting a customer is the closest with quick service. Produce the expected result of human body inviting a customer is the closest with quick service..

Hotel IT chief says, choice Tsinghua runs software with square EzHMS2.0 hotel, basically be to value its comprehensive software function and support of later period technology. This hotel manages the mount a horse of software, before will strengthening a hotel greatly, the management of tiring-room, right communal environment is mixed inside the hotel run flow to undertake be supervised directly and be analyticed, ensure the building safety of the hotel, environment safety and personnel are safe effectively; Assure to join circuit from the guest smooth; Realize interior of whole public house each management department is the harmonious carry of core to make with the guest, form organic and own adjust, the administrative pattern of quick response.

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