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Solution of system of project of city cinema VOD
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Of short duration does not have advantage of brief introduction system:

System of WebVOD video order programme is the system of multimedia video order programme with a powerful function. Whole system is based on B/S framework, the VConnect that uses VIEWGOOD own intellectual property serves a kernel, divide supportive MPEG-1 (Mpg, Dat, Mp3) , MPEG-4 (Avi, Asf, Wmv) , REAL (Rm, Rmvb) , outside the numerous mainstream media such as REAL10, still support all blame media to shed a format, support procrastinates arbitrarily drag, answer time level short. Use standard HTTP agreement, comprehensive implementation gets stuck to much net, cross a net paragraph, cross a path by, the support that crosses firewall. Apply extensively at government, enterprise or business the interior of the unit grooms, multimedia demonstrates, news is released, groom the multimedia education of the school, remotely, management of multimedia archives data, the appreciation business of the operation class such as telegraphic, wide report, the recreational program order programme of intelligent village.

(1) use VIEWGOOD VConnect technology (of own intellectual property be based on media of network ground floor to shed transmission trade technology) , can flow to control a network to transmit speed according to program code, use a file to be read beforehand at the same time, sort amortize and link answer with wait for multinomial technology, promote intercurrent property of the system greatly. Stand-alone support does not erupt simultaneously 1000 times with the format stream.

(2) use VIEWGOOD KeyBuffer (the crucial amortize technology of own intellectual property) , the synchronous sex that makes sure the system has best show adequately and the shortest when ductility, delay when wide area newwork extremely short.

(3) support all REAL form in the round (Rm, Rmvb, Real10) media.

(4) supportive program uploads remotely, supportive breakpoint add is passed.

(5) supportive channel collaboration, rent wait for telegraphic appreciation business, with the demand for service that occupies terminal SP, can press time, press channel by discharge statified collect fees.

(6) catenary of supportive guard against theft, prevent download: Use mechanism of perfect catenary of guard against theft, ensure the safety of program source adequately. Use double and safe attestation: WEB attestation and kernel attestation, eliminate is not the likelihood of law order programme, achieve finally prevent IE download and tool download.

(7) laden balance: The system used balanced load (balance of balance of WEB server load, load of dibble seeding server, user defines load oneself) , thereby servers of any a video give an issue, the system still can move normally, achieve the requirement of telegraphic class truly, system of convenient implementation is flowing and patulous.
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