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Lake state network opens case of success of order programme of applied VIEWGOOD
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Of short duration does not have setting of brief introduction case:

Zhejiang area is one of areas with domestic network relatively rapid development, network user amount is before 10 of amount of domestic network user all the time, in leap of network user amount while, the net connects appreciation to serve an item in, video order programme (VOD) , video living broadcast, become a net to open a of sectional appreciation business important window. For the business of video order programme with better current progress, lake state network connects the REAL system that will use originally to replace the WebVOD system that makes VIEWGOOD company entirely.

According to introducing, this lake state network opens the WebVOD system that platform of video order programme selects, ask under the hardware of other system far on hardware requirement, and precede far again however on systematic performance at other system, the stand-alone of WebVOD system reachs 1000 intercurrent capacities, this still accomplishs so large intercurrent amount the first times in product of video order programme, at the same time of the system but expansibility is very strong, in future inside period of time, but according to market demand, widen increase new appreciation to serve content.

Plan design

VIEWGOOD connects for lake state network did following functional designs:

1, the order programme of the video of sound of centralized management implementation that uses VIEWGOOD to shed media system to use pair of WebVOD to shed media server.

2, use efficient VConnect to serve a kernel, bandwidth satisfies a condition to fall, possessive type sheds media wide area newwork to procrastinate when dragging, delay in 100ms less than.

3, support manages to the column attributive of content administrator, telecommunication needs to build column of a lot of content, every column needs content administrator to undertake administrative, but the attributive management that needs to pass pair of content administrators will make sure content administrator can is opposite only its are operated by the column of accredit management.

4, the statistical analysis that supports visit of convection media content and forms for reporting statistics.

5, the real time monitoring that supports group of convection media server and management.

6, the load that supports convection media server is balanced with content distributinging management.

7, plan cost and digital copyright manage the attestation that supports pair of programs.

8, the mechanism of catenary of guard against theft that uses kind, ensure the safety of program source adequately;

The network attacks develop graph

Systematic composition
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