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The hotel broadband network that can serve - how to vacate hotel plan to expend
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The catchword that of short duration changes an Olympic Games along with word of a move in chess or a movement in wushu without brief introduction one step by step thorough popular feeling, among the key word of the occurrence hotel informatization with the ceaseless formulation that digitlizes a hotel. Experienced old broadband network development, the broadband network of the hotel already from inchoate receive simply, use freely transfer more rational, more have economic benefits, more the centralized government that has service intention and appreciation platform, "Digitlization hotel " had more extensive connotation and more comprehensive content.

Current, the hotel receives a broadband to combine An Teng (plan cost product achieves the hotel with first-class profit, promoting a hotel image is not news any more, product of hotel of series of An Teng HSIA is in what the prominent dominant position of function and performance side had won broad hotel client to approbate. But a new issue entered the field of vision that how vacates controller, that serves namely.

Service, it is the one and only way that the hotel is managed and preserves, regard a hotel as a of the service serious content, the service of broadband network is the irritated worry that the hotel offers broadband network to serve all the time however. The broadband is in bring billow source of revenue while also brought not little trouble: Does an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise of frequency of instep imperial mandate seek coil up of thirsty quail of Fu of uncut jade of white of  of cangue Yao collect to call how are strategy of control of Xi? metaphase and service strategy made? Is later period client operated by accident as a result of what computer knowledge lack causes cause complain how to do? Is hotel EDP familiar to equipment how cannot solve a problem in time to do not quite? How cannot manufacturer technology personnel arrive in time to do again?

Everything all, make hotel broadband network becomes the Shuang Renjian of hotel operation, because this is on this level, the service with first-class choice and the product with outstanding choice are likewise main. And the provider how that finds to be able to provide outstanding product and first-class service is difficult, what he needs not only is the technology of high-grade and stable product, good company reputation, need to be mixed in the whetstone refine of hotel industry for years more what run a convention to the industry is familiar, and the service is first outstanding consciousness and complete and scientific service system. Large operation trade and business of operation of hotel of net of place where troops are stationed are not familiar to the in-house network equipment of the hotel, to the broadband of the hotel carry dimension also lacks understanding, the effect that serves cooperative operation before is not ideal. Be An Teng, use be in what hotel plan expends an industry to hit for years go all out to precede again on service administrative levels one pace, precede the network deploy that put forward to be based on plan provider, installation is debugged, the hotel that later period service bales in the round plan cost is total solution, provide the network of broadband of high grade hotel that can serve for the client.
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