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Advanced management system realizes hotel service to upgrade.
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction as hotel tourism more and more flourishing, enormous guest flow and powerful consumptive ability make hotel industry coruscate goes out exuberant opportunity of survival, also raised taller requirement to the competitive actual strength of the hotel at the same time.

Be located in Huhhot downtown the Inner Mongolia day of flourishing a sector of an area yuan big public house is be in harmony accommodation, meal, shop, the hotel of class of star of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals that recreation is an organic whole. Face the market delectable but the development impetus of congratulate and increasingly intense competition, environment of the brand image that promotes a hotel in time, culture and service quality. Use Tsinghua to managed software to undertake upgrading to the administrative system inside the hotel with square EzHMS2.0 hotel. The administrative system after upgrading can is opposite the hotel is departmental of the door run condition and flow to undertake real time supervise and attemper, help hotel implementation manages optimization. The system has intelligence to analyse with functions of all sorts of real time business accounting, offer close personalized service and more quick hotel to be entered for the guest, settle accounts serves.

Hotel manager Mr Liu says, "To hotel management this the system undertakes upgrading, enjoy the close service that more advanced management brings to invite our guest namely. New system has client relationship management and intelligent analysis function, can mix in the light of individual be fond of of the guest inn history data offers high grade individuation to serve. In the meantime, new increased phone plan to expend a function, can have the electric telephone bill of guest room automatically when lodger deals with settle accounts statistical business accounting, person inviting a customer experiences the quickest service. Person inviting a customer experiences the quickest service..

Introduce with square technology personnel according to Tsinghua, this administrative system upgrades adoption EzHMS2.0 public house runs software, can realize system, function, network, software the compositive management of 4 parts, of control of Cheng of the opposite that finish, control management, branch government, decision-making management classification control, management of help hotel implementation is specialized in change, energy-saving the biggest change, intelligence of soft hard unifinication, guest room is changed. After the system upgrades, raised the statistical rate of data greatly, increased to define function of forms for reporting statistics oneself at the same time, provide more than 100 kinds of forms for reporting statistics for the hotel, before covering a public house, tiring-room about managing, each respects of control, service, management, report dynamic instant data and dynamic trend.
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