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Digitlization hotel VOD serves systematic solution integratedly
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Systematic overview:

Starlight digitlizes hotel VOD indefinitely to serve a system integratedly is to use total number word to compress a technology, the means that uses technology of advanced computer network VOD to inspect the hotel frequency signal to flow with the number undertakes administrative. The system eliminated the technology of video order programme to restrict, realized a hotel truly guest it is OK to never leave home the program of recreation of high quality multimedia that optional in guest room order programme enjoys him be fond of, can inquire in guest room hotel interior serves visible information and other appreciation service integratedly, internet visit can come true in guest room, still can order meal in the implementation inside guest room, order the function such as the ticket, no matter hotel guest is in the guest room of the hotel, big, coffee can be in enjoy flabby mood while undertake online surf, consult news, game chats, share pleasure with the close friends of distance, also can send and receive Email at the same time, examine prices, handle business affairs material, master business chance at any time, comfortable determine the victory, what all enjoy digitlization hotel to bring a visitor is all-around muti_function human nature changes a service, the attributive feeling like excellent front courtyard, intimacy and sweet feeling can experience truly after the gentleman lady that makes poor brigade outer enters a public house.

Starlight digitlizes hotel VOD indefinitely to serve a system integratedly (abbreviation DHVOD) it is Beijing Kun Daxing visible information order programme serves the is based on hotel interior local area network multimedia that optical science and technology develops limited company to develop a success in recent years system. The system uses machine of VOD of total number word to carry box and video order programme on the head integrated server, it is the system of broadband network video of hotel interior, share for resource of in-house multimedia data, pass interface and Internet join external, implementation hotel is integrated of information absorb extensively with communication. Integrated server is in charge of video order programme managing all right to video program inpour, answer come from request of guest room order programme, client end can use digital machine to carry order programme of program of video of box and VOD of television implementation hotel on the head. Infinite DHVOD can be starlight not only the hotel brings business income of video order programme directly, and the class of astral class service that increased establishment of hotel form a complete set and administrative efficiency, enhance market competition ability. The hotel entered rate and guesthouse consumption price to improve integral trade figure, economic benefits and social beneficial result significantly through raising a guest.
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