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Solution of system of direct seeding of AolongVOD video order programme
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Of short duration does not have brief introduction one, product introduction

"Aolong " video serves a system (Aolong VOD) it is company of limited company of development of science and technology of Beijing bay Long Xiao the completely own research and development, newest generation that owns complete intellectual property " stream " media network serves a system. Aolong VOD can support all sorts of video, frequency, tax, the order programme on the net of text, picture, animation, executive file, broadcast serves, can move at local area network, wide area newwork (Internet, telegraphic net, wide electrified wire netting) wait for any complex network environments. Operating system of Laiyu notting comply takes the independent server that runs a service to design oneself, in overall improve server performance while, the security that also ensured video serves and confidential sex. Use completely modular design, this system offerred powerful edition, retrieve, the application such as inquiry, statistic, attributive, monitoring, plan cost and administrative function; Have both the pair of operating systems, database, compatibility that uses a system and the open sex that develop a language, aolong VOD is not just on actual application meaning shed media perfectly to serve a system, serve provides unified moving platform for the network however.

Have core network and multimedia technology, have international of banner technology level " Aolong " video serves a system (Aolong VOD) , can apply in telegraphic operation, wide report widely service, postal service, library, museum, exhibit dock of station of house, stadium house, square, airport scenic spot; In education of school education, long-range education, martial training, national defence; Orgnaization of national party card (procuratorate of check of edge of Wu of public security traffic, industrial and commercial duty, custom, court) ; Negotiable securities of chemical industry of system of long-range medical treatment, power, electron, banking, tradition is made, the enterprise institution such as mechanical metallurgy; Each domains such as recreation of hotel of modern intelligence village, guesthouse. And can be aimed at different applied domain offer different perfect technology solution.

2, systematic characteristic

"Aolong " video serves a system (Aolong VOD) have following bright characteristics:

1) use a client to carry / server mode, have complete video serves a system, include: Video of independent video server, network sheds transmission control system, applied management system, independent client to carry decoder.

2) video server uses independent server means, below WINDOWS environment, independent operating system manages a server from the IIS of the belt, improved the performance of the server greatly, assured the security of video server and confidential sex.
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