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Content exceeds a value: Will reflect the value of restaurant with information,
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The building of contain green jade that of short duration does not have edge of pool of brief introduction life is the restaurant with the most beautiful Taiwan, also be one of restaurant with Taiwan house top price. A lot of people in contain green jade building lives to regard as late dream, and I also gasp in admiration after personal experience: "Consider the price expensive, I still can come again, strive for come every year twice, because true content exceeds a value. " if be to lie in contain merely,guest room of green jade building sleeps on easy big bed, I won't have this kind of feeling absolutely, even if is to lie on the bed to be able to see lake scene and sky, also won't have this kind of feeling.   

Sheet looks with room price, building of contain green jade is very expensive really, but indulge when me between the beautiful scenery with this god-given all over the world, think of this land is original the restaurant that the boss hopes to make a 400 many rooms, be designed finally by Kerry Hill of international building Great Master however have 96 rooms only, the space of every room achieves 80 much square metre, still do not include to compare common restaurant big the public section such as the two gardens of 3 times, waterside pavilion. So, will calculate with unit area, the house price here is so not high. And, here every room has the gazebo that faces life depression. Lie in comfortable " dawdler bed " on, can see Jiang Jieshi and Song Meiling roam in those days that boat of lake face, so that absentminded feel the form of two people still still is in, be in fine talk children affection grows? Be still in discuss counterattack the mainland? Here, not only the natural beauty of lakes and mountains builds the aesthetic feeling of the space that come out, and the feeling of vicissitudes of life that can pursue the history. With " all sorts of feelings well up in one's heart, it is a long story " will describe not exaggerative.   


Anyhow, it is those people, thing, content lets me feel, green jade building stays in Qian Laihan of beautiful so much is content really late value exceeding place. A book that a lot of information and feeling come from room tea table to go up -- " age of contain green jade " , among them account the story that the origin of building of contain green jade and design make. Be engaged in the person that the work writes related IT for years as, I think of naturally, if these information are the TV set that adopts a room,appear with modern means come out, perhaps can communicate more rich feeling. After all, a book that traditional pattern pressworks and becomes, its behave force or differred a lot of.   


Narrow sow a technology to promote restaurant value


It is to be in likewise " age of contain green jade " in that book, the president of boss Lai Zhengyi that I still read building of contain green jade enters the top class restaurant of global each district to learn the management skill of restaurant. He lives in Japan when Park Hyatt once because everyday house price 3000 yuan two and all night difficult Mian. Not be he sleeps to be not worn, hate to part with however sleep, because be asleep,money was spent in vain.   
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