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Beer cannot be drunk when edible crab
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Flesh of the crab since autumn wind is fat, arrived again annual the season that crab flourishing sells (nevertheless Guangzhou has a doctor to point out, although nowadays is to eat crab good time, but because crab natural disposition is particularly cold cool, how to feed so that health has very much actually exquisite, like an edge to drink beer edge to feed crab to bring about diarrhoea very easily like some Guangzhou people)

Tan Xiangjun tells hospital of Guangzhou post and telecommunications the reporter, the characteristic with the most outstanding crab is crab creams much, the flesh is qualitative delicious, but the cholesterol that contains 135 milligram as a result of the crab flesh of every 100 grams, feed half to reach 1 to be able to calculate every time so right amount, exceed this standard to be belonged to exceed an amount (the consequence of surfeit is the negative charge that raises digestion, have full sluggish feeling gently, weigh a diarrhoea to vomit)

“ is more important is, feed crab scarcely to be able to drink beer, can cause successive, serious diarrhoea! ” Doctor Tan Xiangjun emphasizes, a lot of people when eating a crab like to drink bit of wine, but beer is unfavorable drink, because beer itself has cold sex, if accompany crab with beer, meet cold on add cold, gastric bowel path is cannot susceptive. Accurate method should send with lukewarm wine feed for beautiful, can solve crab cold avoid diarrhoea.

Additionally still the expert reminds, when eating a crab cannot edible persimmon, can cause diarrhoea likewise otherwise.

Tan Xiangjun is special the citizen that warns love to eat crab, cook pattern should notice when eating crab.

In addition, there is a ” of hexagonal stomach of white “ crab between the double cheek of crab, extremely cold cool, empty cold public figure is unfavorable edible. Of crab splanchnic also do not feed, because of splanchnic stockpile heavy metal, feed more easy toxic.

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