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Big public house of face of emperor of Er of Suzhou elegant dagger
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Brief introduction

Division of the trade before emperor of Er of Suzhou elegant dagger is located in the view with Suzhou the most flourishing downtown toward big public house.

Hotel exterior is exalted and decorous, extraordinary —— silver grey builds air lubriciously to issue Yi Yi to be born in the set off of beautiful sunshine brightness, appear elegant all the more, grave.

The hotel is located in person energy of life to gather together, the shopping mall before commerce assembles the concept of assemble of a gathering of things or people, recreational recreation with north; Shop of business of old name of of all kinds bazaar, shop, supermarket, bar, KTV, Suzhou is bristly all round; Recreational, shop, recreation is extremely convenient.

The hotel has of all kinds and luxurious guest room 156, capacious and the design warmth elegance of avant-courier of —— of diversity of guest room style, bright, extraordinary; Between configuration independence shower, exceed big lie in bed, free broadband to get online, the TV program outside more than 70 small public house, private safe, churchyard, living establishment is all ready; The designs utmost is every guest convenient consider that human nature changes; On software more the excellent service that received Yageer, reflect individuation and characteristic to change, provide high grade product and efficient service to come from the guest of world each district.

The hotel arrives Suzhou railway station, long-distance station only car Cheng of 5 minutes; Main and public transportation circuitry is inside the urban district near the hotel set a site; Area of garden of industry of distance Suzhou Singapore and Suzhou are new and high technical development only 3 kilometers distance, it is the living place of ideal of business affairs personage.


Distance: 3 kilometers are apart from Suzhou railway station: Suzhou downtown 2 kilometers

Guest room

Start valence: 365 yuan (bid sheet, mark double)


The conference

Emperor of Er of Suzhou elegant dagger books a phone toward guest room of big public house: 0512 - 65169310

The welcome is called reserve hotel of Huang Chaoda of Er of Suzhou elegant dagger (guest room) , wish you journey is happy

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