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Food festival of Suzhou of the 3rd 08 China
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Water of annulus of all sides of island of lotus of in relief settleclear lake, lotus of be similar in shape, enchase in the lake, because this gets a ” of “ lotus island. The gross area on the island 1.64 square kilometer, domestic home is course of study with crab, make a living with the lake. Here is famed with teeming with crab of lake of authentic Yang Cheng, crab eats in lotus island, former juice raw ingredient, open interest is full. Have on the island farming the characteristic project such as fishing port of car of buffalo of sprinkler of laager of agrarian museum, wind, farmhouse, sightseeing, amorous feelings, it is market takes, live, swim, happy, buy the former zoology that is an organic whole isle of recreational amorous feelings.

Pond of short for Weihe River of pearl of “ the world first, ” of the world of armour of pearl of pond of short for Weihe River, wall of stone of gem of precious of China of pond of short for Weihe River covers an area of a face to accumulate more than mus 40, it is market of pearl of fresh water of countrywide head home, be judged to be ” of “ China's biggest market of fresh water pearl, be known as “ China most ” . Go boating pearl lake, the “ Changjiang Delta that experiences stimulation is collected bead swim ” , pass Yo bead, collect bead, treatment, admire buy wait for pearl theme activity of recreational You Le, let the understanding pearl culture with clearer tourist, understand the lasting appeal with individual culture of Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes.

Scene area entrance ticket:
1, park of wet ground of moonlight of pond of carry on one's shoulder: 30 yuan / person
2, island of lotus of in relief settleclear lake (steamer ticket makes a round trip) : 40 yuan / person
3, Na Caizhu of Shi Chengjiang of treasure of pearl of China of pond of short for Weihe River swims (yacht + collects a mussel) : 50 yuan / person

Mobile time: On September 19 —10 month 31 days

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