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08 Suzhou festival Changjiang Delta enjoys the glorious full moon mid-autumn ea
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Golden pheasant lake swims mid-autumn
On September 12 ——20 day every night 19: 00——22: 00
Citizen from the lake dock ascends a boat on the west, have a good swim below the dim light of night golden pheasant lake, center of article of division of ” of bird's nest of Suzhou of big bridge of lake of view town square, golden pheasant, “ , amorous feelings the place night scene such as the garden of bank of Ligong of a street, wind, ascend peach blossom island next, in peach blossom source Pin Ming enjoys the glorious full moon, those who enjoy a haven of peace is satisfied experience, more the tourist planned wonderful show!
Show content: Be stationed in field band show, passionate violin is performed, sa Kesi is performed, red wine appreciate. (Meet the least bit, show following a drop)
Fare: 65 yuan / person, buy send one family the bill: 85 yuan / person
Nod by ship: The lake visits lake cabinet port city on the west

The brigade that anxiety Shan Shanghu enjoys the glorious full moon
Time: On September 14 (the Mid-autumn Festival)
Annual “ Shang Hu enjoys the glorious full moon mid-autumn the traditional activity that fireworks activity ” is Shang Hu, comfortable this year meet our country the first mid-autumn holiday, the Ye Dengyu hill mid-autumn, Lin Shanghu, over- mid-autumn, a the crab that taste a lake, distinguishing feature that sees fireworks become Changshu to travel, mountaineer but full moon of look as far as one can, face bridge of lake criterion lake to reflect a month, the civilian river lamp with the clear the riddles written on lanterns having reward of fireworks, wisdom interest, romantic this world of bright, delicious lake crab feeds a dot, all without exception goes out fully thick mid-autumn sincere feeling, and the evening party of minority firebrand singing and dancing that has distinguishing feature alone more the joy that added a red-letter day. The activity sets VIP reviewing stand
Mobile form:
1, large fireworks show 2, riddles written on lanterns has award guess 3, the lamp that put a river mid-autumn pray blessing 4, taste crab night dinner mid-autumn 5, Changjiang Delta traditional stringed and woodwind instrument is performed 6, ethical firebrand singing and dancing 7, " Qian Liu affection " scene performance

Be the same as li of lake old hotel mid-autumn mid-autumn barbecue night
Be the same as li of lake old hotel to will be rolled out on September 13 mid-autumn barbecue night, various medium, on the west, day dainty cate holds the post of you to choose, performance of Philippine band spot is your add to the fun. Let you fall to have intimate contact with nature in the lake smooth dim light of night of magnificent.
Grow up: 168 yuan / , children: 98 yuan / (120cm the following children) , 3 years old of the following children are free. Beer of coke, Xue Bi, Qingdao is infinite carouse.
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