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08 Suzhou festival Changjiang Delta enjoys the glorious full moon mid-autumn ea
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If encounter,rain to move to hall of meaning Western-style food coming back

Smooth blessing swims mid-autumn
” of island of crab of smooth blessing “ catchs crab too lake boat meal has crab
In Suzhou light ahead of eat of boat of home of Fu Taihu fishing 6 kilometers, be too —— of the 3rd big island overflows the lake hill island. This island area makes an appointment with 2 square kilometer, there is a dweller on the island 500 more than person, up to now the lake island scene of in store former zoology. Nearly 1000 mus of crab still bred on the island, during the Mid-autumn Festival, area of smooth blessing scene rolls out “ crab island to catch crab, boat meal has the characteristic travel activity of crab ” .

Mobile place: Overflow hill island
Traffic means: Mosquito craft can take 8 people, ascend an island to go there and back collect fees 200 yuan /
45 yacht, roundtrip collect fees 500 yuan /
Mobile time: On September 13 —10 month 15 days

“ Ling Yan steps lunar ” mid-autumn nocturnal garden
Cliff hill beauty spot will hold wooden Gu Zhenling showing disrespect or contempt on September 14, 2008 “ Ling Yan steps a month admire mid-autumn activity of ” night garden. In the day that reunites in person of this perfect conjugal bliss, intimate character is joyous, family reunites, mountain-climbing enjoys the glorious full moon, be in harmony of its Le Rong. At the appointed time, will hold inside scene area a series of wonderful activity, still have happy lottery, wonderful not allow to miss!
1, ”OK song meets “ romance mid-autumn, we will be in romance mid-autumn the scenery holds card below the clever cliff hill of happy person OK song is met, the friend that likes to sing must not be missed!
2, affection of bend of Great Master of Changjiang Delta traditional stringed and woodwind instrument, storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect is displayed art, sit in on the bubble in the cafes below hill one cup of tea, listen to the ditty of Changjiang Delta,
3, intelligence has award to guess riddles written on lanterns than going all out greatly. In cafes corridor, take an examination of the wisdom that takes an examination of you, guess elegant gift is given!
4, outdoor old movie is shown. Old movie of a ministry, can let your after-thought tissue.
5, the domestic ” Tong Wanxiu of “ happiness, we will be offerred freely to you child play appliance, make you heavy pick up when memory.
6, interactive You Le of ” of “ night wood showing disrespect or contempt. Row, the balloon on water is interactive game you will play!
7, Wu De folk is fastfood, let you get drunk the scenery in happy person while, sample Changjiang Delta is delicate!
Still have additionally, the team of senile waist drum, Hunan that hit lotus, acrobatics performance, lucky lottery, a series of activities you come amuse oneself, the ancient town amorous feelings with same different the Mid-autumn Festival can bring another brand-new kind to cross the feeling mid-autumn to you!
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