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08 Suzhou festival Changjiang Delta enjoys the glorious full moon mid-autumn ea
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Mobile time: On September 13, 2008 ——9 month 15 days
Mobile place: Beauty spot of clever cliff hill

Weigh yuan of temple to enjoy the glorious full moon
Having the throughout the country 10 big most weigh yuan of temple only then build prison of day of Yu Liangwu emperor 2 years (the Christian era 503 years) , as coetaneous as the cold hill temple, clever cliff temple, temple that protect emperor. With its courtyard of the avalokitesvara on water is indoor the avalokitesvara icon that is as high as 33 meters becomes one big distinguishing feature, reflect the distinctive view that weighs Taoist or Buddhish rites of country of yuan of temple lotus Buddha, avalokitesvara, at the boundless universe with complex numerous and complicated, all over the news that watchs 10, reinforce immensity all living creatures, the letter that pray blessing chapel comes to before be is numerous the blessing newspaper that brings eternal life!
Special activity
Weigh yuan of temple pray blessing lights the lantern show the first mid-autumn, will have Buddha of view lamp, ceremony, light the lamp, article mid-autumn series activity. 10 thousand people grow happiness of the autograph pray blessing that coil, listen respectfully to wish greatly the good news like the Buddhist that philharmonic society of the Buddha in the concert sings Song mid-autumn, participate in You Qiushuang's Great Master to lead “ to light the lamp to circle Buddha eulogy to wish lamp of lotus of ” , dot and pray blessing lamp,
Can view and admire the biggest “ Buddha at the same time lotus lamp ” , most the 19 holes of brilliance are guided the bridge and weigh yuan of temple of 10 encyclopedias country most Cheng Jing.
Time: On September 12
Recommend reason
Yang Cheng is admired to reflect a month on avalokitesvara hall, news of cleanse heart Buddhist hears before arhat hall.
Information staging post
Main landscape: Pool of hall of king of city gate of highway of courtyard of the avalokitesvara on water, ceremony Buddha, ancient time, day, drum-tower, belfry, free captive animals, big Zhi Wenshu is Bodhisattva hall, big Xiong Baodian, big wish sky of hall of ground Tibet Bodhisattva, empty hides Bodhisattva.
Amuse oneself clew: The element fast that hears of here is very authentic, and it is to be in so authentic Buddha meaning environment.
Scene area entrance ticket: 1 yuan / person, avalokitesvara island 30 yuan / person, if multiply avalokitesvara elevator to enter an avalokitesvara cabinet, receive elevator additionally to take cost 20 yuan / .
Drive oneself: Shanghai peaceful high speed - below exit of division of service of in relief settleclear lake - double Yang Lu is gone to east after all crossing of have a common boundary is gone to north goes continuously - weigh yuan of temple.
Public transportation:
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