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08 Shanghai Yin Qixing is indoor ski field
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Shanghai Yin Qixing is indoor ski field

One, spatial introduction

Shanghai Yin Qixing is indoor ski field is the whole nation the earliest, dimensions the ski field with the biggest, the most perfect establishment, it is Shanghai one of new tourist attractions of 7 big travel. Snow field introduces the world's most advanced equipment that build snow and administrative pattern, its dimensions and professional level all occupy world lead position. The ski run inside snow field is 380 meters long, 80 meters wide, can hold ski of nearly 1000 people at the same time, the worlds of 25000 ice and snow of Yu Ping rice, let you all enjoy infinite northland scene. Ski field introduces the machine building snow of Japanese latest technology, firn ply amounts to 50 centimeter, indoor temperature maintains all the year round in - 2 ℃ are the following. Highest gradient is trail 17 degrees, the 2nd gradient is 15 degrees, most delay gradient is 12 degrees, the tourist can choose gradient according to his ski competence freedom.

2, ski coach raises action —— to learn quickly

3, ski field entrance ticket

The ticket is planted time of ski of settle accounts price
A ticket 130 yuan Saturday — weekday 09: 00—17: 00 ski 2 hours
Weekday of — of 130 yuan of Zhou Wu 17: The ski when end of 00— end of a show is infinite
B ticket Zhou Wu of — of 120 yuan of Zhou Yi 09: 00—17: 00 ski 2 hours
Zhou Si of — of 125 yuan of Zhou Yi 17: The ski when end of 00— end of a show is infinite
C ticket 135 yuan of golden weeks 09: 00—17: 00 ski 2 hours
135 yuan of golden weeks 17: The ski when end of 00— end of a show is infinite
Entrance ticket includes: Snow field price of admission, dress rents appliance of cost, ski to hire cost.
Ski times: Enter snow field ski to begin to time, field giving snow is stopped time.
Insurance choice: Can buy 2 yuan / the accident harm danger of the portion (be restricted to buy 2 each)
Special attention: Overtime of 2 hours of entrance ticket must increase overtime cost additionally minutely 1 yuan

4, drive course

Inside Shanghai: A20 outer shroud, the mouth issues Gu Dailu, come to westing 7 Shen road.
Shanghai Hangzhou high speed: Below mouth of 7 Shen approach, northerly (left-hand rotation) Cheng of car of about 3 kilometers.
Shanghai peaceful high speed: Turn to A20 (direction of airport of bridge of outer shroud rainbow) , go to Gu Dailu mouth to on the west
(right-hand rotation comes 7 Shen road. )

5, ski field is free regular bus

Regular bus place: The subway square of north of station of bank of Shen of a line
Send car time: 30 minutes one, integral point and car of the least bit hair (12 and repast time was done not have at 18 o'clock)
Head regular bus: 09: 00 (the subway stands) 09: 30 (ski field)
Last bus: 21: 00 (the subway stands) 22: 00 (ski field)
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