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5 kinds of crowds should eat crab carefully!
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Autumn wind rises, crab fertilizer, annual time eating crab has come (but delicate crab is not everybody to be enjoyed aptly, the expert reminds, when 5 kinds of crowds face ” of “ infestation gentleman ought to careful)
According to Jiangsu expert of division of nutrition of province people hospital introduces, crab belongs to Gao Min food, namely the “ that civilian place says sends content ”—— to a few allergic crowds, crab flesh enters person systematic circulation through alvine wall, can be caused and the allergic reaction of aggravate human body, cause gastric bowel oedema of flowing flesh convulsion, hemal sex, rash, asthmatic, serious person can cause irritability shock.
A lot of people eat crab, love to be boiled with water. Actually, this is unscientific.

The following 5 kinds of crowds, when eating crab must careful:

The first kind: Eat crab to have allergy history or the person that have dermatitis of asthma of nettle rash, irritability, irritability, have the children of allergic constitution, old person, pregnant woman especially, had better not eat crab.

The 2nd kind: The patient of disease of blood-vessel of disease of cholecystitis, bilestone, hepatitis, urgent chronic pancreatitis and serious heart head, eat less as far as possible or do not eat crab, more cannot with carouse of compotator crab to one's heart's content, lest accentuate,illness or the acute that cause afore-mentioned diseases break out.

The 3rd kind: Diarrhoea, gastralgia, cold, have a fever or the person with itself taste cold empty is unfavorable eat crab, because crab belongs to cold sex food, protein, adipose content is high, unfavorable digest absorb, meeting aggravate taste is unwell at the same time, the symptom such as occurrence bellyacke, diarrhoea, vomiting.

The 4th kind: The constitution is cold cool frail pregnant woman does not suit to eat crab, cause miscarriage possibly otherwise.

The 5th kind: The infant is unfavorable eat crab, because high protein is met burden of aggravating liver, kidney.

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