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Hotel Management preferred Nilai College Malaysia
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States from the tourism resources to the world tourist destination, China's tourism development momentum in recent years, more and more strong. In 2007, total tourism revenue reached 765 billion yuan, equivalent to 5% of the national GDP. Tourism has become an important growth point of national economy. With the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Shanghai World Expo and a growing number of international events will be held in China, China's tourism and hotel management professionals increasing demand, so you need not choose the hotel for the employment of professional worry. By 2010, hotel management personnel will be the hottest high-paying sectors of the workplace. China hotel employees, to higher income for many. Hotel management career in the Top Ten dollars a year in the sixth. Hotel, tourism will become the pillar industry in Shanghai service. Currently, the world has 17 international hotel management group in Shanghai, investment or management of high-star hotel, the hotel industry continues to expand, the demand for talent will continue to increase every year need thousands of international hotel management personnel. Beijing hotels are also within three years to reach 800 senior hotel management sought-after talents. According to industry analysts, more personnel supporting the hotel industry rules, if the property is only one hotel lobby, usually based on the number of rooms, according to the ratio of 1:4 with talent. For example, a new 200 room hotel to be equipped with about 280 personnel. And if there are multiple Grand Hotel, demand will more, that is, only the high-star hotel in 2010, before the need to recruit 2 million people. It is estimated that during the World Expo will have 70 million expatriates in Shanghai, those with a reception capacity of the hotel expatriate talent is more scarce. With the recent development of tourism in China and Malaysia, the hotel industry, tourism management increasingly become a hot talent "hot demand." Malaysia's tourism industry is well developed, particularly in services and management known. The face of the growing momentum of global tourism, the expansion of Malaysia's hotel industry is imperative. Not only in Southeast Asia, the domestic employment market in the hotel and tourism management needs of potential. Malaysia Tourism and Hospitality received education and training "returnees" will be very tight. Choose the University of Malaysia, Nilai hotel management has several advantages: First, the English language requirements, low scores can not provide English language study in Malaysia. Second, is to "paid to learn." Training allowance according to Malaysia's economic situation and the ability of schools to determine admission; Third, students completed the hotel management professional, have the opportunity to apply for jobs in Singapore, if there are units employed, the working can apply for permanent residence after two years. Fourth, the thought of Europe and America to study but have visa difficulties of students, completion of the professional courses can apply for admission directly to second year of many European and American universities, replacing the visa difficulties and cost savings. Fifth, career prospects: luxury hotels, resorts and travel agencies, senior management personnel.
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