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Kerry Noble store opened restaurants Xizhimen
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Recently, with Kerry Noble restaurants Xizhimen store grand opening, the capital of the addition of a good place to taste the royal dishes. In addition to Kerry learned the essence of wealthy Chinese royal dishes, Xizhimen shop is in the dining environment and strive to create a sense of grandeur. Spacious hall, beautifully decorated, soon as the door to people being immersed in the quiet. Among them, the noble rooms will enhance a sense of dignity was to be added. A porcelain alone, you can get a glimpse of the sophistication - the store tile and are based on independent research and development, specifically ordered the Royal porcelain. This rich and elegant environment, coupled with a unique taste, here certainly can feel the new dining Zhuo without any feeling. At the opening ceremony, with the Royal cuisine to attract consumers as well, "Kerry Real Name Recipes," a book published, book a total of 108 classic dishes and 8 royal flavor pasta snacks, leisurely deep inside Royal banquet delicacies, mostly, Zhennai Bazhen Yiyun Zhou, Han and Tang Dynasties food romantic, popular dishes Song Yang, Ming Yan wing lead.
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