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Husband and wife both love the hotel TV computer away
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Dedicated to a couple of Chengdu in Deyang, and several Qingbaijiang hotel occupancy, with a fake ID to the husband, wife, and cardboard boxes into the room and then pocket. Wait until the next day, the two LCD TVs in the room and the computer CPU, motherboards, graphics cards and other components unloaded into bags and cover up with clothing items out of the hotel. The couple has had drug addiction, will be sold something stolen to buy drugs. Recently, the couple both arrested. Last October, Deyang, a business hotel to a pair of mysterious guest. A 20-year-old man at the front desk asking prices in hotel occupancy, the receptionist said: "I do not have enough cash, you can receive less points for the deposit?" Receptionist agreed to his request and let him check that the Men's registration card with the words "Lee." Half an hour later, a 30-year-old woman was carrying a backpack bag bag drum, holding cardboard boxes into the "Lee" room, and then they did not show. Noon the next day, the couple have not yet check out. Hotel staff to organize the room for them, ringing the door no one answer, the waiter opened the door cards have their own space. The immediate scene so attendants surprise: the room wide open computer case, computer parts were thrown on the ground, the TV was missing. She must notify the front desk, hotel check found that the room LCD television and computer CPU, motherboards, graphics cards have been stolen. Hotels report, the public security authorities to register all men, identity cards found to be false. This year in February, the man arrested when the trick. The man named Tan Guiyong the original, with its partners the woman is his wife.
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