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Ningbo hotels suffering from "fear up" disease not to the dinner price
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Prices continued to rise to major hotels in Ningbo, suffered from "fear up" disease, despite the hot dinner reservations already, but due to price uncertainty, many hotels in Ningbo delay to the dinner price. There are now about two months from the Year of the Rabbit Year of the time, but the New Year in Ningbo, the major hotel reservation has already begun. Most hotels are expected: the situation to be better than last year this year, ordering dinner, but by the impact of price uncertainty, the current pricing dinner can not be determined. Reporter from the New Century Grand Hotel, Hotel, Hotel Shipu learned that because of rising prices in the second half, now almost all the hotels in Ningbo dining reservations only between time and boxes, and recipes and specific price points up to the Spring Festival 1 month or so to determine.
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