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Shangri-La Hotel Nanchang and integrated development project started
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Dynamic will be boundless vitality, charm New icing on the cake. Yesterday morning, the world's top 500 enterprises by the Kerry Group in Hong Kong investment in the construction of Shangri-La Hotel Jia Linan Chang and integrated development projects in Honggutan New foundation to start. Provincial Committee and Party Secretary Yu Xinrong started issuing orders. Zhu Hong, deputy governor, deputy secretary, acting mayor Chen Junqing, Municipal Committee, vice mayor Lu Xiaojian, vice chairman Ren Baibo Municipal People's Congress, vice mayor brilliant, Liu Jiafu, City Vice Chairman attended the groundbreaking ceremony and aqua Gou common foundation for the project started. Chen Junqing the Commencement ceremony. He said the Shangri-La Hotel, the foundation began the project, is Honggutan New "drawing strong lead brand strategy big lead," the fruitful results, the Image quality on the city, the development of modern service industry, are of great significance. As the world's leading multinational conglomerates in the industry renowned Kerry Group, select the investment and construction in the Shangri-La Hotel Honggutan reflects the investment environment in Nanchang, the full recognition Honggutan commercial prospects of its globalization strategy, to seize the Chinese Mainland market share, improve the urban functions of the city, the third industry and prosperity to enrich people's lives, have an important role to promote and facilitate. Chen Junqing hope Honggutan New and city departments to earnestly perform their duties, take the initiative to track the butt to help solve problems, Shangri-La Hotel for the smooth progress of the project, create a relaxed environment, give the necessary support to provide quality services. Want to build, construction and supervision units meticulous organization, and scientific regulation, strengthen management, quality assurance and safety to speed up the premise of progress, as soon as Shangri-La Hotel will showcase New characteristic charm, boutique style Riverside highlights Nanchang Engineering and landmarks. Meanwhile, we hope the Kerry Group to seize the development of the city, big building, big boom of the historic opportunity to coordinate the "second Five Year Plan" to implement and actively participate in the economic development of the industrial city and modern urban construction, the city in a new starting point to achieve scientific development, binary catch up, make new contributions to the rise of green to create new glories. It is understood that as the world's top 500 enterprises in the Hong Kong Kerry Group, the diversified investment after decades of development, hotels, real estate, oil, beverages, and other fields has made remarkable achievements, hotels and real estate business around the country outside the large cities, formed a unique "hotel + property + apartment + office + commercial" multi-functional integrated development model. Shangri-La Hotel Nanchang and integrated development project is located in the southeast Honggutan heart of the central business district location, east of the Gan River, adjacent to the municipal office building. The total land area of about 47,700 square meters and facilities, including Shangri-La Hotel, office buildings, commercial properties and residential, is expected to reach after the completion of a total construction area of 280,500 square meters, of which the hotel is expected to account for about 74,700 square meters, residential, office and commercial accounts 205,800 square meters. Shangri-La Hotel will be built in Nanchang in two phases, one phase of the project includes 319 luxurious guest rooms, is expected to be opened in the second quarter of 2013. New hotels will provide self-service restaurant, specialty restaurants, bars and other colored dining, 1800 square meters large banquet hall, function rooms and other banquet and meeting facilities, and indoor swimming pool, fitness center and beauty salon and other leisure facilities.
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