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Hotel of a business affairs
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Canton: Shopping centre of golden Chang area: Area of the street before view (downtown)   address: Suzhou of area of Suzhou gold Chang maple bridge road room of 380 hotels brief introduction comment on with user of map of quote establishment and service liaison manHotel of a business affairs [the exterior]Hotel of a business affairs [old hall]Hotel of a business affairs [guest room]
Hotel introduction: Guesthouse of a business affairs is located in element to have " terrestrial heaven " the Suzhou city that say on the west outside Chang door, rely on to take garden famedly with classic gardens east, peaceful cold hill temple is faced on the west, north leans on beautiful tiger grave beauty spot, with Huang Qiang green cover with tiles rolls dragon backbone, of gold of outfit of Buddha of red column coloured drawing or pattern garden temple lies between river photograph to look on the west, and communication is very easy.

2006 practice room amount () : 112

Service project Phone of IDD of phone of DDD of service of Wu of parking lot ticket washs auditoria dress WuMeal establishment Dining-room guest room sends eat the service inRecreation and gymnastical establishment Chess card roomType of acceptability credit card The silver-colored couplet card that home issues

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Suzhou is relevant map Related information of a sector of an area Address: The jaundice that overspread beanstalk inferior? Suzhou maple bridge road 380
Canton: Jaundice inferior?
Shopping centre: ? of model of travel of elder brother of ㄊ of  of She of Jue Ao Zhi
Be apart from from Suzhou railway station (kilometer) : 2
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