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Big public house of rich palace of elegant dagger Er
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Canton: Make the same score river area shopping centre: Area of the street before view (downtown)   address: Alley of palace of the street before Suzhou makes the same score river area view room of 63 hotels brief introduction with quote establishment and service traffic map user is commented onBig public house of rich palace of elegant dagger Er [the exterior]Big public house of rich palace of elegant dagger Er [old hall]Big public house of rich palace of elegant dagger Er [guest room]
Hotel introduction: Big public house of rich palace of elegant dagger Er is hotel of a luxurious business affairs. Repose at the area before the most flourishing view, palace alley shopping mall is faced east, the park before the view of 8000 much square metre is overlooked on the west, north faces the commercial shopping mall with famous Suzhou -- the street before view, na Linlian receives the able person grade of industrial garden area and development of new and high estate. Communication is extremely easy, the environment is comfortable and delightful.
Hotel the guest room of 8 kinds of a variety of 30 rooms different styles, let you be in same a different amorous feelings that the hotel experiences world each district and feeling. The meal of the hotel has distinguishing feature extremely, the dining-room of 3000 square metre has amount already dining-room of fim of the Thailand on high-grade top, hall of characteristic Western-style food, have the dining room in facing course of popular characteristic Hangzhou again, let you all enjoy cate of China and foreign countries, taste all directions gust. Professional woman hairdressing protects the French Sai Yanli that the hotel still sets 400 much square metre the atrium garden of happy person reachs the conference center with skin center, all ready establishment, environment establishment of all sorts of peace and happiness.

2002 practice room amount () : 201

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