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Mo Tai interlinks inn (inn of the street before Suzhou is watched)
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Canton: Make the same score river area shopping centre: Area of the street before view (downtown)   address: Room of brief introduction of hotel of date of 9-69 of lane of big city of the street before Suzhou makes the same score river area to watch with quote establishment and map of service liaison man the user is commented onMo Tai interlinks inn (inn of the street before Suzhou is watched) [the exterior]Mo Tai interlinks inn (inn of the street before Suzhou is watched) [old hall]Mo Tai interlinks inn (inn of the street before Suzhou is watched) [guest room]
Hotel introduction: Inn of the street before 168 Suzhou watch Mo Tai reposes within the shopping centre before center of Suzhou ancient city is watched, the street before view is the center of Suzhou economy, culture, finance, collect shops, the flourishing shopping mall that trade of recreational, recreation, meal is an organic whole, on the street before view hundred years old store gathers (the lunar building, Song He building, fast that collect Zhi, rice is aromatic village, Huang Tianyuan) , situation is extremely advantageous, communication is convenience, quick. Periphery still has garden of lion of black temple view, net, happy garden, Qu Yuan to wait for famous travel tourist attraction. And be apart from the car Cheng that politics garden, lion forest and Suzhou museum make an appointment with clumsy of Suzhou culture bequest 5 minutes each, let you be not accomplished give 100 meters of even if to appreciate Suzhou the elegant scenery of classic gardens.
The hotel is troubled by in take static, ramble makes what you feel clinking satisfied hereat. The hotel has the of all kinds house such as the standard room that decorates warmth, big bed room, family room, business affairs room model, offer shower of 24 hours of hot water, air conditioning, broadband to get online, the bed of banquet dream illicit that has a level is provided reach furniture of form a complete set. The hotel deserves to set large parking lot, car of berth of convenient tourism group. Hotel inside and outside is designed by a person of academic or artistic distinction, the style is contracted, chic, establishment is all ready and cozy, show piece " clean, environmental protection, sweet " accommodation environment.

2007 practice room amount () : 216

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