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Guesthouse of henry heart benefit (Jing Delu inn)
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Canton: Make the same score river area shopping centre: Area of the street before view (downtown)   address: Road of heart of scene of area of Suzhou smooth river room of 286 hotels brief introduction comment on with user of map of quote establishment and service liaison manGuesthouse of henry heart benefit (Jing Delu inn) [the exterior]Guesthouse of henry heart benefit (Jing Delu inn) [old hall]Guesthouse of henry heart benefit (Jing Delu inn) [guest room]
Hotel introduction: Guesthouse of henry heart benefit (Jing Delu inn) repose at Suzhou downtown on famous and street Jing Delu, street of the name before adjoin is watched east, busy streets of Xi Linshi road, as beautiful as the annulus of famed far and near mountain villa of one wall lie between, traffic is convenient, in be troubled by, take static.
Guesthouse offers 24 hours of central air conditioning, central hot water, free high speed gets online, dial directly the service such as the phone domestic and internationally. 2, corridor of 3 buildings annulus is linked together, encaustic ornament. First floor is shared refined teahouse, coffee is set in the space, chess card room, assembly room, and the classic small yard with an elaborate composition. Between heart, the wood luxuriants and well-spaced, black of corridor of little bridge running water, beautiful window, whitewash a wall is made of baked clay, all show the verve that traditional Wu Wen changes everywhere.
Guesthouse is characteristic with court landscape, attentive build " " atmosphere. Suit domestic self-help travel, lover sweethearts dates, silver hair old person is nostalgic, white-collar beauty is small rest, idle of commercial gigantic Gu Xiu, poetic painter meets. Guesthouse is humanitarian breath is grumous, environmental grace is static hang, refine peculiarly with her cabinet, sweet and comfortable bring to you " come home " feeling.

Practice decorated room amount 2006 2003 () : 48

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