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Guesthouse of henry heart benefit (phoenix square inn)
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Canton: Shopping centre of area of dark blue billow: Area of the street before view (downtown)   address: Bay of neck of goose of area of billow of Suzhou dark blue room of a hotel brief introduction with quote user of establishment and map of service liaison man is commented onGuesthouse of henry heart benefit (phoenix square inn) [the exterior]Guesthouse of henry heart benefit (phoenix square inn) [old hall]Guesthouse of henry heart benefit (phoenix square inn) [guest room]
Hotel introduction: Guesthouse of henry heart benefit (phoenix square inn) be located in hinterland of Suzhou downtown gold -- of phoenix square on the west side, market of famous phoenix of cate culture street is faced south, north receives the shopping centre before flourishing view.
Guesthouse is located in traffic center, it is main road of thing of the city zone " able person road " with corridor of lamplight of north and south " face a road - phoenix square - phoenix street " crossing. 22 public transportation circuitry, can arrive directly at Suzhou each are famous tourist attraction, industrial garden area, suzhou new developed area, wu Zhong area and photograph the city zone.
Guesthouse decorate observes and study, the style is exquisite, hold to quick with comfortable tenet, go to the lavatory already business affairs personage stays, suit travel guest to be entered again. Guesthouse 4 floor, guest room offers 24 hours of central air conditioning, central hot water, free high speed gets online, dial directly the service such as the phone domestic and internationally.
The open phoenix square before guesthouse is the large city garden of center of Suzhou ancient city, at nightfall time, rainbow of colorfully decorated lantern, time excessive colour; Coffee of house of sit quietly Yu Bin on comfortable sofa, square beautiful scenery all stops eye ground, pin Ming is recreational relaxed and happy.

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