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Gu Wu restaurant
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Canton: Shopping centre of golden Chang area: Address of railway station area: Road of north of short for the Jinghe River of tung of area of Suzhou gold Chang room of 11 hotel brief introduction comment on with user of map of quote establishment and service liaison manGu Wu restaurant [the exterior]Gu Wu restaurant [old hall]Gu Wu restaurant [guest room]
Hotel introduction: Gu Wu restaurant fastens restaurant of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of Suzhou city travel, border on the west garden, take the famous beauty spot such as the Eden on water of Eden of temple of garden, cold hill, Hu Qiu, Suzhou, Suzhou, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, traffic is convenient.
Restaurant has standard double room, advanced flatlet 126 (set) , deserve to have the facility such as fax of TV of central air conditioning, satellite, telecommunications, have big assembly room and 3 medium-sized assembly room, meal building has big in little dining room 11, can accommodate repast of 300 much people at the same time. Hall of balcony of hall of singing and dancing of room of card of sauna, Finnish bath, chess, Spain, Ktv, hairdressing is you to offer recreation to serve. Restaurant still sets business affairs center, sell taste ministry, tea wait for establishment, it is the place that the ideal that guest of China and foreign countries undertakes business affairs and travel activity stays.

Practice decorated room amount 2006 2000 () : 128

Service project Phone of IDD of phone of DDD of service of Wu of parking lot ticket washs center of auditoria business affairs infirmary of dress Wu bazaar is tonsorial hairdressing room taxiMeal establishment Dining-room guest room sends eat the service inRecreation and gymnastical establishment The discotheque blocks room of card of chess of the hall that pull OKType of acceptability credit card The silver-colored couplet card that home issues

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