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Peace of Shanghai of start working of iron of Shanghai peaceful city arrives dir
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Peace of Shanghai of start working of iron of Shanghai peace city arrives directly one hour the most quickly. . . . . . . . . Recommend ★ of the ★ that spend ★ . . . . . . The person is enraged: 2Iron of peaceful city of Shanghai of 811 today start working arrives directly one hour

Of Nanjing consummate sea " big station stops " valence makes an appointment with single ticket of Shanghai Ning Cheng iron to reach 135 yuan for 120 yuan, "Station station stops " reach 105 yuan for 90 yuan about.

Morning paper reporter learns about the branch from Jiangsu province yesterday, the long triangle that gets attention fully " railroad is fast and arterial " railroad of Shanghai Ning Cheng border will at formal this morning start, railway ministry, Shanghai, Jiangsu saves the concerned delegate of tripartite to will assemble in Nanjing to hold start working ceremony.

This railroad will strive to build be open to traffic before world rich was met 2010, at the appointed time Shanghai reachs Nanjing the fastest will but a hour arrives, will come true 24 hours public transportation turn operation.

First will leave propose 23 sites

As we have learned, railroad of border of Shanghai peaceful city is full-length 300 kilometers, among them Jiangsu saves churchyard 268 kilometers, trend and existing Shanghai peaceful railroad are basic and parallel. But as peaceful as Shanghai railroad and in the Beijing Shanghai that build Gao Tiehu coulds there be paragraph different is, railroad of border of Shanghai peaceful city will set the most concentrated site, all fronts plans to set 31 sites, average 10 kilometers left and right sides has 1 station.

Disclosed to morning paper reporter yesterday according to should saving railroad to do concerned public figure, site of border of Shanghai peaceful city plans to use before this " 21 + 10 " mode, propose 21 sites first namely, it is Nanjing, celestial being respectively on the west, north of company of lasher of villa of Bao Hua, Zhenjiang, 3 Shanxi, Dan Yang, Changzhou, relative, the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, do not have stannum, lake of area of garden of industry of the new developed area that do not have stannum, Suzhou new developed area, Suzhou, Suzhou, Yang Cheng, Kun Shanna; Obligate 10 sites position, it is dwell respectively next glow, Sichuan, tall endowment south, hill mouth, Lv Cheng, go straight towards Niu Dong, new switch east, He Weiting of horizontal stroke forest, Wang Tingdong on the west. But latest news is, plan to be coordinated of the branch repeatedly through concerning branch and railway ministry, first construction station name a person for a particular job increases to from 21 23, the 2 stations that add newly will be in former on the foundation of 10 obligate site, integrated each respect opinion decides finally; The site that the 8 stations name a person for a particular job of obligate asks according to relevant section obligate is very enough and circuit construction use the land, construction increases after waiting for an opportunity to mature.
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