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Chengdu restores 10 deepness to swim circuit
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chengdu restores 10 deepness swim circuit. . . . . . . . . Recommend ★ of the ★ that spend ★ . . . . . . The person is enraged: 2Month of 751 6 14 days, in earth shake after a month, be known as " Chengdu another piece of calling card " size alley child brand-new in the attention of social all circles open a market, this action is regarded to be local government by the outside to resuming the significant move of travel market. See the hot occasion that market a week comes to, the reporter saw Chengdu person is optimal to this the confidence of travel city, chengdu still beautiful!    
On June 14, chengdu is given out formally to the tourist invite. Yin Jianhua of president of group of Chengdu article brigade expresses: "Today, we roll out circuitry of 10 deepness travel, it is a mark that Chengdu travel recovers, also showed the confidence that Chengdu travel rebuilds. Also showed the confidence that Chengdu travel rebuilds..
It is reported, in circuitry of travel of these 10 deepness, "The brigade of city vogue " include style of Chun Xi road alley of workshop of shopping mall area, samite, size child night life of historical culture groove guard, city collects Ou Yulin the vogue such as life square consumes an area integratedly; "The brigade of cate " include taste alley of block of the world cate, size child, the cate such as way of musical instrument stand gathers together the ground; "The brigade of ancient town of weather government office " include the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces belt, smooth brook of happy, Huanglong, Anrengu is pressed down; "The brigade of panda birthplace " give priority to a problem with panda, include gorge of peak of garden of zoology of panda base, panda, green jade, treasure to promote; "The brigade of ancient Sichuan culture " the scene area such as ancestral temple of Hou of the SamSung lot that includes ancient Sichuan civilization, Jin Sha, fierce, ancestral temple looking at a clump; "Into, high mountain, Le Fengguang's brigade " include landscape of hill of high mountain eyebrow scenic spot area of scene of high-quality goods of area of area, happy Shandafo, the Chengdu City (dot) ; "The brigade with weather recreational government office " the beauty that reflects weather government office to lie fallow, include size alley child, bright and beautiful in, base of Jin Sha relics, panda; "The force that asks " include Xi Lingxue hill, crane to cry the scene area such as hill, green Yang Gong (dot) ; "Wen Weng's brigade " include Du Fu careless hall, cling to golden former residence (100 Hua Tanhui garden) , plum 劼 person former residence, 3 revive ancestral temple, Guo Mei is like former residence to wait; "The brigade of modern art " include 3 emperor to spend countryside painter village, Xu Liao alley of house of art of original contemporary design, Long Yuan, size child, 82 artistic spaces.
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