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Travel agent reminds: Swim Taiwan should pay attention to civilization formal
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Travel agent reminds: Swim Taiwan should be paid attention to civilized and formal. . . . . . . . . Recommend ★ of the ★ that spend ★ . . . . . . The person is enraged: 2Dweller of mainland of 826 goes to Taiwan group of travel head hair will start in July. Relevant travel agent reminds the dweller of the intended travel that go to a stage, to Taiwan travel wants do in Rome as Rome does, the culture that respects local Taiwan brethren and consuetudinary, much attention is civilized and formal.
Gu Rong of relevant controller of company of Fujian Province travel forest remind say, what mainland dweller represents to Taiwan travel is the integral figure of mainland brethren, be mainland of Taiwan brethren understanding more
"Bridge " and " the window " , because this is sure to want bearing civilization, notice the following:
At present " Taiwan swims " open means is round go out into the group, had not opened " free travel " . Mainland tourist arrived after Taiwan, the language is interlinked, the written language is same, go out to do not have an obstacle basically all right, benefit at separate operation. But, travel agent reminds a tourist to be sure to follow round move, lest receive a company to the ground,cause a trouble.
Of Taiwan public (include a toilet) prohibit smoking in the round, mainland tourist is not in public smoking. In the meantime, also should avoid to appear to spit everywhere, throw rubbish in disorder, enter the uncivilized action such as red light, optional jump the queue.
Mainland tourist swims Taiwan, hard to avoid can raise watch for a chance great take a photo as a souvenir, but those who need an attention is, some tourist attractions of Taiwan prohibit taking a picture like the place such as museum of Taipei the Imperial Palace, or taboo flashlight takes a picture. In addition, if go to the place of Taiwan minority inhabit a region to travel, also want to notice those who respect local brethren is consuetudinary, do not take a person at will, pat scene, for instance the elegant beautiful clansman of Lan Yu of Taiwan the eastpart part does not like to be taken a picture.
Taiwan special local product is rich, candy of wine of broomcorn of the high mountain tea that has Taiwan distinguishing feature, golden gate, tribute, pear is crisp wait to be worth to buy with confiture. When buying special local product, also want to notice, taiwan does not have bargain habit commonly, although can counter-bid, the discount is very few also, must not " meet cut an in part, next again 50% discount " , lest hurt buyers and sellers amiable.
In addition, association of safeguard of character of Taiwan travel industry announced what maintain via this association to make an appointment with list of 50 business door recently, mainland tourist is in these buy fake in business door, all can assure to retreat goods or exchange goods. If the tourist returns the ability after the mainland to discover place buys goods,be fake, also can pass form a delegation travel agent looks for this association processing.
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