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Railway ministry: Prohibit the passenger carries scissors by train
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Railway ministry: Prohibit the passenger is carried scissors by train. . . . . . . . . Recommend ★ of the ★ that spend ★ . . . . . . The person is enraged: 2Reporter of 671 is in know from Guangzhou railroad public security yesterday, the control cutting tool such as the kitchen knife since this day, case knife, handicraft knife, scissors is prohibited carrying car of suffer from excessive internal heat by proclaimed in writing first, should uniform in putting baggage, consign, and consignor of luggage and parcel should execute real name register, luggage consignee should by oneself effective identity document is gotten.

The person that carry contraband is banned to take a car

Carry order to safeguard railroad, ensure public safety, ensure abstruse meeting held Beijing Olympic Games, damage smoothly 2008, railway ministry, the Ministry of Public Security releases jointly " about taking a train to multiplying the passenger carries article and the announcement that consign luggage to execute safe examination through railroad " , the decision came on July 20, 2008 during September 20, to taking train fare to carry article is mixed consign luggage to execute safe examination through railroad.

Notification provision, forbidden and illegal carry explode combustibly, easily, the article pull in that the likelihood such as cutting tool of material and the firearms such as pathogen of harm sex, caustic, radioactivity, contagion, ammo, control compromises public safety takes a car; Must not carry the kitchen knife beyond control cutting tool, case knife, large fruit knife, handicraft knife, scissors, steel (iron) the edge tool such as file, ax, hammer, blunt implement, this kind of article should uniform in putting baggage, consign.

The passenger should be accepted self-consciously, cooperate railroad branch to carry out safe examination in station, train, discover doubtful article via the examination, the passenger should be taken out by oneself and accept further examination, carry the passenger of afore-mentioned article to rejecting to accept safe inspection or hold to, railroad installs check the staff member prohibits lawfully its pull in takes a car; Forbidden in article of danger of the carry secretly in consigned general goods, must not sign up for dangerous article conceal or give false information is consigned for general goods.

Make crime investigate criminal duty

Consignor of luggage and parcel should accept the safe inspection of railroad branch self-consciously, execute real name to register. Accept the consignor that safety is checked or the name of an article of make a false report registers to refusing, railroad branch rejects his to consign baggage article lawfully. Consignee of luggage and parcel should by oneself effective identity document is gotten, otherwise railroad branch has authority to refuse pay.
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