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Group of motor-car of sightseeing of travel of first Olympic Games gets offline
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Group of motor-car of sightseeing of first Olympic Games travel gets offline. . . . . . . . . Recommend ★ of the ★ that spend ★ . . . . . . The person is enraged: 2603 a few days ago, our country head labels Beijing Olympic Games special those who make " harmonious date " train of special railway line of motor-car group travel, get offline in Inc. of the car austral China. This motor-car group is the new-style and high-grade passenger car that our country innovates completely independently, after the circuitry that finish experiments, will at the Olympic Games during move formally at Beijing to come 8 between Da Ling.
Beijing is used to the 8 Great Walls that amount to mountain already railroad drives train of action car group, it is one of projects of Olympic Games form a complete set. After be open to traffic, whole journey moves to need to make an appointment with 1 hour 20 minutes only, closer than be being saved formerly half the time; At the same time " ancient Great Wall " with " new motor-car " tie-in, also add the Great Wall tourist during be an Olympic Games a distinctive vision scenery. Group of motor-car of sightseeing of Olympic Games travel is used first " window of big perspective car " and " spend door big " , use can rotate type sits chair, in order to satisfy the need that the passenger appreciates view in move. European level uses inside the car a series of trouble-free adopt a design, set disabled wheelchair to deposit area and disabled toilet, design more human nature is changed.

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