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Be away for the summer holidays can you still delay see an Olympic Games? 68 yua
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Be away for the summer holidays can you still delay see an Olympic Games? 68 yuan arrive phoenix hill bright one. . . . . . . . . Recommend ★ of the ★ that spend ★ . . . . . . The person is enraged: 2126 is accompanying gold of Olympic Games of one after another of player of our country Olympic Games obtain, the citizen is defended in the evening everyday beside the television, sharing stirring hour jointly, the citizen that gives far door travel is little, outskirts swims 1 day into citizen first-rate choice.
This beautiful and attractive place is in phoenix hill the first selection place that citizen go on a tour became during the Olympic Games, phoenix hill is hidden in Zhengzhou southwest remote mountains, green hill surrounds, gorge is folded emerald green, pediment blooms, wild fruit is ripe fall, old village is strewn at random distributing in gorge, water of Chan Chan brook surrounds like a jade belt in mountain stream.
Travel of hill of the latterest phoenix appeared peculiar phenomenon, the old people that come is much, what drive oneself is much, what domestic strip child comes is much. Here picturesque scenery, oxygen ion is contained in air much, cost not tall, gong Shilin stands, the United States if too travel hill, it is the good place of go on a journey of labour firewood estate. Ms. Wang that taking 5 years old of children to catch a fish to feel shrimp in gorge brook water says, the child had a holiday, take him to see landscape, identify a few Chinese herbal medicine. Mr Liu that before driving oneself, goes to says, the distance of 49 kilometers, drive a vehicle is counted minute, really pretty good! Meeting during the Olympic Games, whole world of combination of area of phoenix hill scene connects travel agent to roll out special offer 1 day to swim 68 yuan / activity of person Hui Min.

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